Team Liquid Eliminated from DreamLeague Season 23: Tiebreaker Loss Marks Early Exit

Team Liquid Eliminated from DreamLeague Season 23: Tiebreaker Loss Marks Early Exit

23. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Team Liquid’s run in DreamLeague Season 23 has come to an early end. The prominent European team failed to advance past the group stage for the fourth consecutive time, earning only 250 EPT points.

Despite needing a decisive 2-0 victory against the already eliminated PSG.Quest following HEROIC’s 2-0 defeat by Xtreme Gaming, Liquid could only manage a tie after an intense first game loss.

This tie meant Team Liquid had to face HEROIC in tiebreakers, a team that also had an inconsistent group stage performance. The final game of the BO3 series stretched over 75 minutes, ultimately leading to an unexpected victory for the South American team and Liquid’s elimination from the tournament.

Tiebreakers: Team Liquid vs. HEROIC

The tiebreaker match between Team Liquid and HEROIC was a hard-fought battle. Although the series went to a third game, it could have ended 2-0 in HEROIC’s favor if not for Team Liquid’s resilience. They managed a remarkable comeback from a significant +10K net worth deficit, showcasing their experience and tenacity.

HEROIC secured both of their wins with Hoodwink, the most picked hero of the tournament, appearing in 29 matches with a 55.17% win rate. Team Liquid also included Hoodwink in their drafts, securing their sole win in the series with her. This performance might prompt Valve to consider nerfs for the hero in the upcoming patch.

Team Liquid HEROIC DL23 1024x576

Is Team Liquid Out of Riyadh Masters (EWC)?

Despite the disappointing result in DreamLeague Season 23, Team Liquid has accumulated enough points to secure a direct invite to the Riyadh Masters. The Esports World Cup considers performances across DreamLeague and ESL One events. Here are the total points Team Liquid has amassed according to the EPT Leaderboard:

TournamentEPT PointsPrize Money
DreamLeague S21200$30,000 USD
ESL One Kuala Lumpur 20233,000$120,000 USD
DreamLeague S2298$15,000 USD
ESL One Birmingham 20242,240$57,500 USD
DreamLeague S23250$30,000 USD



With their cumulative points, Team Liquid remains a strong contender for the Riyadh Masters, despite their setback in DreamLeague Season 23. As they regroup and prepare for future tournaments, fans eagerly await their resurgence on the competitive stage.