Worlds 2023 Aftermath: The Downfall of Two Titans

Worlds 2023 Aftermath: The Downfall of Two Titans

23. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The Main Event of Worlds 2023 took an unexpected twist during its second week. The Swiss format, renowned for its merciless structure, claimed its first casualties. Saying farewell to the grand stage are none other than Team Liquid and Team BDS, giants from North America and Europe.

Swiss Format’s Ruthless Mechanism

In the intense world of esports, the Swiss format holds a reputation for being both a game-changer and a ruthless eliminator. Simply put, three wins propel a team to the next stage, while three losses mean the curtain falls. Teams Gen.G and JDG navigated their course seamlessly, sealing their spots for the next round. Contrarily, Team Liquid and Team BDS couldn’t hold their ground, resulting in their swift exits.

Team Liquid’s Unexpected Demise

The best-of-three didn’t fare well for both the exiting giants. Team Liquid, the stalwart from North America, had their hopes crushed by the tenacious GAM Esports, making it the shocker of the day. The shining light for Team Liquid was Hong Chang-hyeon “Pyosik”, a world champion whose prowess with Kindred couldn’t salvage the situation. GAM Esports, coming from the Play-In, showcased their worth and advanced further.

BDS’s Struggle Ends

Switching the lens to Team BDS, they faced an ironic situation. While Team Liquid bowed out to a Play-In team, BDS met their end against a reigning world champion. Their fierce resistance in the Play-In stage turned futile in the Main Event. With a mix of evident deficiencies and some unlucky draws, their journey ended at the hands of Dplus KIA.

Deft’s Day to Remember

Amidst the whirlwind of eliminations, a silver lining was the impeccable performance of Kim Hyuk-kyu “Deft” from Dplus KIA. Celebrating his 27th birthday, Deft chose the grand stage to display his mettle. Using his champion skin from DRX, he played Caitlyn, marking his 100th game in Worlds. His brilliance paved the way for Dplus KIA, keeping their hopes alive in Worlds 2023.

Win or go Home

The ever-evolving esports landscape is full of unpredictabilities. The Swiss format, in all its glory, ensures that only the best of the best proceed. As we bid adieu to Team Liquid and Team BDS, it’s essential to remember that each game is a lesson, and each defeat is a stepping stone to potential future victories. Here’s to more enthralling matches and may the best team win.