Team Immortals could lose its franchise spot in the LCS

Team Immortals could lose its franchise spot in the LCS

23. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The League of Legends team representing the esports organization Immortals could be about to set a record. However, the record is not for the right reasons and is due to another very bad season in the LCS.

Immortals’ record lows in the LCS

The North American LoL organization, Immortals has had a long period of getting very bad results in the LCS. This team has finished in last place in five of the last eight divisions. This is undoubtedly a bad result for an esports organization, and it is a record that no other team in the league has ever achieved.

Due to these terrible results, the team may lose its eligibility to compete in the LCS. According to the regulations implemented for LCS franchises in 2018, a team can lose eligibility to compete in the league if it finishes in last place five times throughout eight splits.

All that said, and looking at Immortals’ results since rejoining in 2020, the organization could be out of the LCS for the following season. Counter Logic Gaming was the last organization at risk of losing its place in the LCS. This team achieved the last position four times between 2020 and 2021.

Immortals underperformance

In the last two years, Immortals has failed to get a lineup with power and coordination like the other teams in the league. As a result, the team has been unable to escape its slump. Over the past few years, Immortals has failed to climb the middle rung of the LCS rankings.

Undoubtedly, the organization’s management struggles to assemble a team that will lead them to victory. In recent splits, immortals have gone through four linebackers, three ADCs, and three laners. However, they have not been able to get the players to mesh with each other. As a result, they have not been able to improve performance.

According to statistics from Oracle’s Elixir, Immortals had the worst early-game stats in the LCS. In addition, they were the last KDA team in the league. In each game played by Immortals, you could see the team with their guard down in the first few minutes. Also, you could see a lot of mistakes made by the players, which caused a spiral that led them to the same ending as always, defeat.

Even though Immortals might lose their seats in the LCS, many people believe that at this time, Riot Games will not kick the team out because of their poor performance, especially after esports organizations like TSM decided to leave the LCS behind.

At the moment, the whole community must wait to know the future of Immortals. Now the permanence of the team in the LCS is in the hands of Riot Games. In any case, Immortals should make changes to try to get a solid team.