Team Fluxo may quit the next CS:GO competition

Team Fluxo may quit the next CS:GO competition

13. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Brazilian team Fluxo might quit the next CS:GO competition after having a very bad performance at the Paris Major. At the same time, the team will likely adjust its roster for the rest of the season.

Fluxo’s performance at the Paris Major

The Brazilian team Fluxo has not performed well at the Major de Paris. According to HLTV’s Dust 2 Brazil data, the team could not get even one win. Fluxo had a 0-3 record. Due to this poor performance at the Major de Paris, the team could take a break to “rest.”

According to HLTV’s Dust 2, the competition in which the Brazilian team will not participate will be the CCT Finals 2 in Europe. The organizers of the European tournament have invited Fluxo, Meta, and Sharks after the three teams finished in the top positions in the South American rankings. However, according to the information, Fluxo’s directors have already informed the tournament organizers that they will not participate this time.

Fluxo returns home without winning a single match

After Fluxo’s elimination from the BLAST Paris Major Challengers Stage and returning home without winning a single match, the team will be absent from the second edition of the European CCT Finals.

The Brazilian team returns home after losing every match they played at the Paris Major. First, on May 8th, Fluxo was defeated by both paiN Gaming and Monte in a best-of-one series. Then on May 9th, the team was knocked out of the tournament after losing to Team Liquid in a best-of-three series.

After Fluxo was eliminated from the BLAST Paris Major, the team’s coach Wilton “zews” Prado, stated that the squad’s future was uncertain. So any change of players may come.

Given that Fluxo will only be competing in one international event this 2023, the BLAST Paris Major, participating in the CCT Finals two in Europe, could be a fantastic opportunity for the team to play other matches against very solid tier two teams.

However, the decision not to participate in that tournament may indicate that the organization intends to consult with the players and determine if they should make changes before the global release of the new version of Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 title.

About Fluxo

The Brazilian organization jumped to fame for its incredible participation in Free Fire esports. Then in 2022, the managers decided to invest in a CS:GO squad; despite having very good results at the local level, this squad has not yet achieved great success at the international level.