Team Falcons Bets Big on Street Fighter: Dominican Star MenaRD Joins Ahead of Esports World Cup

Team Falcons Bets Big on Street Fighter: Dominican Star MenaRD Joins Ahead of Esports World Cup

11. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The competitive scene of Street Fighter has been invigorated with the recent announcement that Dominican star Saul Leonardo “MenaRD” Mena is joining Team Falcons. This strategic move comes as Team Falcons continues to expand its influence in the esports world, particularly ahead of the highly anticipated Esports World Cup.

MenaRD’s Impressive Career and Achievements

MenaRD, previously part of Bandits Gaming, is renowned for his exceptional skills in Street Fighter. His accolades include:

  • EVO Japan 2024 Champion in Street Fighter 6
  • Two-time Capcom Cup Champion (2017 and 2023) in Street Fighter V

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Early Career and Rise to Fame

MenaRD began his professional journey in 2016, showcasing his talent not only in Street Fighter but also in other titles like Injustice and Guilty Gear. His dedication and hard work paid off as he quickly ascended to the top ranks of the fighting game community.

Transition from Bandits Gaming to Team Falcons

MenaRD joined Bandits Gaming in 2019, a premier esports organization dedicated to nurturing young Dominican talent. The departure from Bandits Gaming was marked by a heartfelt farewell message on social media:

We say goodbye to our star player, Saúl Mena ‘MenaRD’, as he embarks on a new chapter with Team Falcons.

The message highlighted MenaRD’s dedication, hard work, and the legacy he leaves behind. A farewell video, featuring emotional reflections from MenaRD himself, underscored the strong bond and mutual respect between the player and the organization.



Team Falcons’ Vision and Expansion

Team Falcons is part of the Esports World Cup Foundation’s support program, aimed at expanding the range of disciplines within esports teams. The addition of MenaRD signifies a strategic enhancement of their fighting games division.

Official Welcome from Team Falcons

Grant Rousseau, Global Director of Operations at Team Falcons, expressed his excitement on social media:

“We’re welcoming the absolute GOAT of Street Fighter. I’m incredibly happy to welcome MenaRD to the team. Both parties were eager to make this happen, seeing many similarities in our goals. I’m sincerely thrilled to have him as part of Team Falcons.”

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Future Prospects and Upcoming Competitions

The inclusion of MenaRD strengthens Team Falcons’ roster as they prepare for upcoming tournaments, particularly the Esports World Cup. This move is expected to elevate the team’s performance and visibility on the global stage.

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