Team Falcons Win Their Fourth Title of the Year: Champions of DreamLeague S23

Team Falcons Win Their Fourth Title of the Year: Champions of DreamLeague S23

27. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The unstoppable Team Falcons have secured their fourth tier 1 Dota 2 tournament victory of 2024, emerging as champions of DreamLeague Season 23. The Middle Eastern powerhouse dominated the competition, clinching the title with a prize of $300,000 by defeating Gaimin Gladiators in the grand final.

Dominant Performance in the Grand Final

Team Falcons’ journey to the grand final was marked by resilience and skill. Despite initially falling to Gaimin Gladiators in the upper bracket, they battled their way through the lower bracket, defeating Team BetBoom. In the grand final, Falcons delivered a stunning 3-0 victory over Gaimin Gladiators.


Key Matches:

  • Lower Bracket Triumph: Overcoming Team BetBoom with a display of strategic prowess.
  • Grand Final Sweep: Securing a 3-0 victory against Gaimin Gladiators, demonstrating control and dominance throughout the series.

The second and third games of the series, lasting around 40 minutes each, were a testament to Falcons’ ability to maintain control and secure their advantage, ultimately leading to their decisive win.

A Stellar Year for Team Falcons

Team Falcons have proven themselves as the strongest team of the year, with four major tournament victories under their belt:

  1. BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024
  2. ESL One Birmingham 2024
  3. DreamLeague Season 22
  4. DreamLeague Season 23

In addition to their victories, they also secured second place at the Elite League and third place at the PGL Wallachia. Their consistent performance has earned them a spot in the highly anticipated Riyadh Masters 2024, part of the Esports World Cup.


Achievements in 2024:

  • Four Tier 1 Tournament Wins: A remarkable feat showcasing their dominance.
  • Strong Placements: Second place at Elite League and third at PGL Wallachia.
  • Qualification: Secured a place in the Riyadh Masters 2024.

DreamLeague Season 23: A Unique Challenge

DreamLeague Season 23 was a distinctive tournament, featuring an online format and a prize pool of one million dollars. The tournament spanned two different patches, starting on 7.35d and concluding with the significant 7.36 update, which brought substantial changes to the game.

DreamLeague Season 23 Grand Finals Team Falcons vs Gaimin Gladiators 1568x882

Tournament Highlights:

  • Format: Online competition with a million-dollar prize pool.
  • Patch Changes: Transition from patch 7.35d to the game-changing 7.36.

As the last major tournament before the Riyadh Masters, DreamLeague Season 23 set the stage for what promises to be an exciting competition at the Esports World Cup.

Dota 2 Patch 7.36a is Live: Balancing the Game After Major Changes


Team Falcons’ consistent excellence and strategic mastery have solidified their position as a top-tier team in the Dota 2 competitive scene. As they head into the Riyadh Masters 2024, the esports community eagerly anticipates their performance. For a detailed overview of DreamLeague Season 23 and other major tournaments, click here.