Team BDS has the best winning streak in the 2023 LEC

Team BDS has the best winning streak in the 2023 LEC

21. April 2023 by miranda angeles

To date, BDS has the best winning streak in the 2023 LEC. During the spring season, neither G2 Esports nor MAD Lions matched BDS’ winning streak.

Team BDS has already signed its best performance in the LEC, with the season and the year still ahead. The Swiss organization Montpellier, France, was a finalist in the European league after spending 2022 at the bottom of the standings.

Although Team BDS began to show improvement during the winter season, it wasn’t until spring that the team took off. However, the team’s improvement has seen improvement to the point of recording the region’s best-winning streak to date.

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Team BDS has the best winning streak

The only team in the region that has managed to record a streak of 10 consecutive wins so far in LEC 2023 is Team BDS. Team BDS after getting a magnificent victory over Team Vitality last March 25 in the group stage; the squad has managed to remain undefeated.

Subsequently, the team faced KOI and managed to defeat them, which led to a repeat of the regular phase match. In turn, BDS and SK Gaming faced each other, and once again, the Swiss team prevailed against its rival; thanks to these performances, BDS was able to advance to the Playoffs. Now, the Swiss team met again against Team Vitality, and the result of the match was the same as in the previous one, BDS won against its rival with a resounding 3-0 victory.

The team closest to Team BDS’ winning streak is G2 Esports, which by one map against KOI, has not reached ten consecutive map victories. In the winter season, the Samurai accumulated five consecutive victories after defeating MAD Lions, Team BDS, and KOI in the group stage.

However, G2, during the Playoffs, lost the third map of the series against KOI. Subsequently, the team was crowned LEC champion ten times and added another streak of 5 consecutive victories.

Team BDS waits to find out its final opponent

Team BDS is the first finalist of the LEC spring season after winning ten consecutive victories and a fierce 3-0 victory over Team Vitality. Now the team is waiting to know the name of the second finalist of the LEC spring season.

Now, to know this second finalist, several matches must occur. In the first round of the lower bracket, G2 Esports and MAD Lions face each other; the winner of this match must fight against Team Vitality. After this second match, BDS will know which team will face the grand final.

The European champion will take second place in the EMEA for the Mid-Season Invitational, but if G2 wins the season, the qualification for the MSI will be decided by points.