Worlds 2023: Team BDS Advances to Play-in Stage After a Flawless Series

Worlds 2023: Team BDS Advances to Play-in Stage After a Flawless Series

9. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The competitive stage of League of Legends never ceases to amaze. With tension at its peak and the anticipation of Worlds 2023 just around the corner, Team BDS stands out as the breakout team by decisively beating Golden Guardians.

A European Victory on Asian Soil

Played at the iconic LoL Park in Korea, the Worlds Qualifying Series pitted two titans, one from the LEC and another from the LCS. However, it was Team BDS who, with a clear strategy and flawless execution, achieved a resounding 3-0, securing their spot in the Play-in phase.

First Matchup: Europe Takes the Lead

Golden Guardians, aiming for an aggressive strategy, opted for Yone in the mid lane. Yet, Team BDS, with a solid combination of Orianna and Sivir, managed to counter every move from their opponents. Stellar plays by Sheo and the dominant presence of Adam in the top lane allowed Team BDS to establish a whopping 13,000 gold lead.

Second Map: A Risk that Paid Off

Defying expectations, Adam picked Garen, a bold choice that initially seemed to backfire. However, while Golden Guardians took an early lead, they couldn’t close out the game in time. A pivotal Baron Nashor for Team BDS turned the tide of the game, leaving them one step away from qualifying.

Third and Decisive Game: Team BDS Seals Their Qualification

Sticking to the strategy that had served them well previously, Team BDS once again opted for Garen and Orianna, gaining an early lead. Golden Guardians, despite their best efforts, couldn’t withstand the European onslaught. With a Cloud Soul Dragon and the Baron Nashor in their pocket, Team BDS sealed the match in just 30 minutes.


Towards Play-in: The Next Challenge

With this victory, Team BDS not only showcases their prowess as a team but also sets expectations for their performance in Worlds 2023. Their first matchup in the Play-in stage will be against Team Whales on October 11th.

The Last Ticket!

Team BDS’s performance serves as a reminder that in the League of Legends competitive scene, any team can have its moment of glory. It will be intriguing to closely follow their journey in Worlds 2023 and see if they can maintain the standard shown in the series against Golden Guardians.