TCG champion will receive no penalty from Pokémon for shaving a racist badge on his head

TCG champion will receive no penalty from Pokémon for shaving a racist badge on his head

13. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Last May, the TCG champion went viral after shaving a racist symbol on his head. As a result, Pokémon’s management has launched an investigation; finally, yesterday, they revealed the decision on the investigation. Pokémon has cleared the TCG champion of any wrongdoing.

Racist Badge

Rowan Stavenow, the Hartford Regionals TCG Champion, went viral after he had a racist badge shaved on his head. The image was posted on May 22, 2023, showing the reigning Hartford Regionals TCG Pokemon Champion with a racist symbol on the side of his head. Rowan Stavenow’s image has generated endless comments from the Pokémon community.

However, Rowan Stavenow quickly responded by stating that he did not know what his friends were shaving on his head. Rowan commented that he had no idea his buddies were making a swastika symbol on his head. In addition, the TCG champion expressed his disapproval of the publication of the images on social media.

As a consequence of the image that has gone viral of the TCG champion, Play! Pokemon initiated an investigation so they could determine if Rowan Stavenow violated the policies against discriminatory behavior. After the investigation, finally, it has been released what has been the result.

Play! Pokemon ends the investigation into Rowan

Play! Pokemon, those in charge of the investigation into a possible violation of discriminatory conduct by Rowan Stavenow, has released an update to make all Pokémon fans aware of the situation.

Play! Pokemon stated yesterday that they know that the current TCG champion is being accused of engaging in intolerable behavior; this behavior exceeds all limits expected of the Play! Pokémon community.

Then, on the Pokémon admin blog, they comment on the investigation’s outcome. Rowan Stavenow did not actively participate in the incident of which he is accused; moreover, it has been determined that all his teammates are to blame. On the other hand, it has been discovered that the publication of the image was done to hurt the TCG champion.

In turn, Play! Pokémon has stated that, at this time, the findings of the investigation do not support any disciplinary action against the accused player; however, those responsible for creating content against Rowan will be the ones to receive a long-term disciplinary sanction.

At this time, Rowan Stavenow has not responded to the outcome of the investigation by Paly! Pokémon. Now the entire Pokémon community hopes those responsible for this racist act will be punished.