Take-Two Interactive Stock Declines Amid GTA VI Delay Rumors

Take-Two Interactive Stock Declines Amid GTA VI Delay Rumors

29. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Take-Two Interactive, a prominent games publisher, has encountered turbulence in the stock market following speculation regarding the release date of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI). Conflicting reports about the game’s development timeline have triggered fluctuations in the company’s share prices.

Reports of Development Challenges

At the onset of the final week of March, Kotaku released a report indicating potential setbacks in the development of GTA VI. Citing concerns from Rockstar Games leadership about meeting the 2025 release window, the report highlighted challenges such as staff resistance to returning to office work, which was impacting the game’s progress.

Although initially confident in an “early 2025” release, Rockstar later retracted this projection, fueling uncertainty among investors.

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Market Reaction

In response to the Kotaku report, shares of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. experienced a 5.2 percent decline. While the announcement of Take-Two’s acquisition of developer Gearbox and a new Borderlands sequel provided a temporary boost to stock prices, the overall impact of the GTA VI delay rumors persisted.

Conflicting Accounts

Contradictory statements from various sources have added to the uncertainty surrounding GTA VI’s development status.

While Insider Gaming reported affirmations from sources close to the game’s development that it remains on schedule, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier acknowledged the possibility of a delay, attributing it to the unpredictable nature of game development rather than specific issues at Rockstar.

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Investor Concerns

The prospect of a potential delay in the release of GTA VI has sparked apprehension among investors, given the immense financial expectations associated with the game, fueled by the unprecedented success of its predecessor, GTA V.


The fluctuation in Take-Two Interactive’s stock prices underscores the significant influence of gaming industry developments on investor sentiment. As the gaming community eagerly awaits updates on GTA VI, market volatility may persist until there is greater clarity regarding the game’s release timeline.

Stay tuned for further developments and announcements regarding Grand Theft Auto VI and its impact on Take-Two Interactive’s financial performance.


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