Taiga Expelled from Leviathan Amid Match Fixing Rumors

Taiga Expelled from Leviathan Amid Match Fixing Rumors

17. April 2024 by Never

In a shocking turn of events, professional Dota 2 player Tommy “Taiga” Le has been ousted from the South American team Leviathan, following the confirmation of match-fixing allegations. The 25-year-old’s career has been marred by controversy as he faces the repercussions of these accusations.

The Fallout

Taiga’s departure from Leviathan on April 16 was announced unceremoniously, with the organization citing mutual agreement. However, it was evident from the statement posted on Facebook that the allegations had significantly impacted the decision-making process. The translated version of the post emphasized Leviathan’s commitment to integrity and sportsmanship, denouncing any form of unsportsmanlike behavior.

Immediate Replacement

Indonesian player Kenny “Xepher” Deo is set to step in as Taiga’s replacement, as indicated by Leviathan’s lineup on Liquipedia. This change comes just in time for the EPL World Series: America match scheduled for this week.


A Tumultuous Career

Taiga’s return to competitive Dota in February 2024, after a brief retirement, was met with anticipation as he joined Leviathan. However, the team’s performance in the South American closed qualifier for PGL Wallachia fell short, culminating in Taiga’s departure.

This isn’t the first time Taiga has faced allegations of match-fixing. Previous accusations centered around his tenure with OG in 2022 and 2023, where he was also accused of leaking insider information and scrim details to the “322 Mafia,” a group of Russian match-fixers.

Past Controversies

OG, Taiga’s former team, conducted an independent investigation into the allegations, ultimately condemning his actions. Despite initial neutrality, OG took a stand following the investigation’s findings. Subsequently, Taiga joined Bleed Esports, but his stint was marred by poor results, prompting his retirement announcement from competitive Dota 2.

Future Uncertainty

It remains uncertain whether Taiga will find a place in another competitive Dota 2 team, as he has resumed streaming on Kick following his expulsion from Leviathan. Notably, neither Valve nor any official tournament organizer has publicly addressed the allegations against Taiga.


Upholding Integrity in Esports: The Taiga Allegations

Given the severity of the allegations and the impact on Taiga’s career, it is crucial for both players and organizations to prioritize integrity and ethical conduct in esports. Transparency and accountability are essential in maintaining the integrity of competitive gaming