T1’s Game-Changing Strategy in LoL Season 14: The Atlas Mundial Meta

T1’s Game-Changing Strategy in LoL Season 14: The Atlas Mundial Meta

17. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

T1, a dominant force in League of Legends, is once again at the forefront of innovative gameplay. Recently, they’ve been experimenting with a groundbreaking strategy in Season 14 that’s reshaping the meta. The crux of this strategy lies in the utilization of the Atlas Mundial item, a game-changer in the support role.

The Rise of Atlas Mundial in the Chinese SoloQ

Initially surfacing on the Chinese SoloQ server, this tactic has swiftly made its way into competitive play. Atlas Mundial is not just an item; it’s a strategic revolution. It enables players to accumulate gold rapidly, thereby reaching power spikes sooner by accelerating itemization.

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The Support Role Revolutionized

The introduction of new items in League of Legends Season 14 has notably impacted the support role. Among these, Atlas Mundial stands out as the most potent, offering substantial gold and resource gains to players sharing a lane.

The Atlas Mundial Strategy

This strategy can be executed in two ways:

  1. Standard Approach: Both players in the bot lane, including the marksman, purchase Atlas Mundial.
  2. Dota-Style 2-1-2 Formation: Utilizing the item’s charges, players can mutually benefit from shared gold gains, significantly boosting their combined income.

T1’s Tactical Mastery: A Case Study

A prime example of this strategy’s efficacy was observed in a match between Gen.G and T1. Despite starting on the back foot, Gumayusi and Keria, armed with Atlas Mundial, emerged from the laning phase with a gold advantage. This edge was crucial, especially for the support, who typically struggles to reach full build.

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Key to Victory: Gold Gain and Vision Control

The dual Atlas Mundial approach not only secured a gold lead for T1 but also offered unparalleled vision control. With both Gumayusi and Keria having access to four wards and a red trinket, they effectively denied crucial information to their opponents.

The Future of Atlas Mundial: A Potential Meta Shift

If this strategy gains traction in the Eastern leagues, it’s plausible that it could spread to the LEC, barring any preemptive nerfs from Riot. The item’s current state makes it a significant force in the game, one that could necessitate a rebalancing effort soon.

T1 Masters the Art of Atlas Mundial in LoL Esports

T1’s strategic use of Atlas Mundial in League of Legends Season 14 is a testament to their innovative approach to the game. This tactic not only challenges conventional playstyles but also opens up new possibilities for team composition and gameplay dynamics in professional leagues worldwide.