T1’s Lucky Charm: The Unbeaten Streak Continues in Worlds 2023 Final

T1’s Lucky Charm: The Unbeaten Streak Continues in Worlds 2023 Final

17. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The anticipation is at its peak for the Worlds 2023 League of Legends Championship final, with T1 facing Weibo Gaming. Amidst the intense preparation, T1 has found comfort in a “cábala” (lucky charm) that has remained undefeated throughout the tournament.

Pre-Final Rituals and Ceremonies

  • Venue Visit and Side Selection: Both T1 and Weibo Gaming visited the Seoul stadium for the side selection ceremony.
  • Coin Toss and the K-POP Connection: Accompanied by NewJeans, the K-POP band behind the anthem of Worlds 2023, the teams participated in a crucial coin toss, won by Weibo Gaming.

T1’s Unconventional Advantage

  • Consistent Coin Toss Losses: Interestingly, T1 has lost every side selection coin toss, starting from the quarterfinals against LNG Esports and the semifinals against JD Gaming.
  • The Winning Streak Despite Disadvantage: Despite starting on what is perceived as the less advantageous side, T1 has emerged victorious in all these matches.

The Red Side Strategy of T1

  • Innovative Approach: T1 has been successful in utilizing the red side to its advantage, especially with offensive plays tailored for Keria, their standout player in Worlds 2023.
  • Counterpicking Strategy: The team has effectively employed late botlane counterpicks, a strategy first seen against LNG Esports, influencing other teams’ playstyle.

Weibo Gaming’s Adaptability

  • Matching T1’s Style: Weibo Gaming has adapted to T1’s aggressive playstyle, with their botlane duo of Light and Crisp excelling in champions like Caitlyn, Lux, Renata, Ashe, and Heimerdinger.
  • A Threatening Botlane: Their Chinese botlane poses a significant challenge to T1’s Keria and Gumayusi.

Breaking the Blue Side Dominance

  • Shift in Win Rates: Unlike previous stages of the event, the Worlds 2023 final doesn’t lean heavily towards the blue side, with the win rate dropping from 67% in the swiss phase to 50% in playoffs.

The Showdown of Titans

With just hours left before the final, both T1 and Weibo Gaming are poised for the ultimate showdown. T1, led by Faker, aims for its fourth world title, defending South Korean pride. In contrast, Weibo Gaming, with TheShy at the helm, seeks to conclude their astonishing journey with a world championship victory.