T1’s Championship Triumph: Forecasting the Commemorative Skins

T1’s Championship Triumph: Forecasting the Commemorative Skins

20. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Following T1’s momentous victory over Weibo Gaming in the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, the question on everyone’s lips was about the commemorative skins for the Summoner’s Cup winners.

The players shared their thoughts in a post-match press conference, offering fans a glimpse into what the special skins might be.

T1 Players’ Potential Skin Choices

  • Zeus: Prefers Yone or Jayce.
  • Oner: Likely opting for Lee Sin.
  • Faker: Undecided but committed to creating a fan-favorite skin. Ahri have a big chance.
  • Gumayusi: Leaning towards Jinx.
  • Keria: Initially considered Lux but is now torn between Bardo and Renata. Conducted an Instagram poll for fan input.

Zeus and the Prestige Skin

  • MVP Award: Zeus, the final’s MVP, gets the honor of a prestige skin.
  • Likely Choices: Yone, due to his final impact, or Jayce, a favorite among South Korean players.
  • Faker’s Special Mention: Ahri could be a potential choice, revisiting a missed opportunity from 10 years ago.


Fan Anticipation and Expectations

While there’s no certainty until the official reveal, fans eagerly anticipate these skins, expected to release around April 2024. Azir also remains a fascinating possibility for completing Faker’s champion circle.

Post-Victory Speculations: The Champions’ Choices

As the League of Legends community eagerly awaits the official announcement of T1’s World Championship skins, these early speculations add to the excitement. The choices reflect not only the players’ preferences but also their journey to the pinnacle of esports success.