T1’s Controversy Ahead of Worlds 2023: Challenges Faced Beyond Summoner’s Rift

T1’s Controversy Ahead of Worlds 2023: Challenges Faced Beyond Summoner’s Rift

1. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the midst of the excitement and anticipation of Worlds 2023’s Quarter-finals, one would expect all eyes to be on the gameplay inside the Summoner’s Rift. However, recent events have shifted some of the spotlight to challenges faced outside of it. T1, a prominent name when it comes to League of Legends esports, recently raised concerns about not being able to conduct proper scrims due to technical issues.

T1 finalista de LCK y clasifica a Worlds

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Public Outcry by the Management

This contention became public knowledge when T1 Becker, the team’s General Manager, shed light on the dilemma through a social media post. Detailing the problems they faced upon their arrival in Busan, he mentioned, “Due to internet connectivity issues for two days after reaching Busan, our team couldn’t scrim or play SoloQ properly.”

Furthermore, he revealed that, even after notifying Riot multiple times about their predicament, a proper resolution was still amiss. Becker asserted, “Despite numerous appeals, the current environment makes practicable gameplay almost impossible. We urge the organizers to provide a more conducive environment for practice.”

Not Alone in the Struggle

Gen.G Chovy Worlds 2023

While T1 might be at the epicenter of this outcry, evidence suggests that they are not the sole team grappling with such hindrances. Chovy, the formidable mid-laner from Gen.G, echoed Becker’s sentiment by sharing his post. This action by Chovy implies that Gen.G, too, might be sailing in the same troubled waters.

Eyes on Riot Games

The ball now seems to be in Riot Games‘ court. The entire League community, especially the fans of the teams heading into the Quarter-finals, eagerly await a statement or, better yet, a solution from the game developers. This could either come directly from Riot or through an update from the affected parties, reassuring that the matter has been resolved.

Challenges In and Out the Stage

The challenges that T1 and possibly other teams are facing underscore the importance of not just in-game strategies but also the backend logistics and infrastructure. It’s crucial for organizers to ensure that such technical hiccups don’t hinder the preparation of teams, especially when stakes are as high as Worlds 2023. Hopefully, Riot Games will respond promptly and ensure a smooth experience for all teams going forward.