T1 Aims for Esports Grand Slam with kkOma’s Return

T1 Aims for Esports Grand Slam with kkOma’s Return

22. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

T1, the reigning champions of the League of Legends World Championship 2023, welcomes back the legendary coach kkOma.

His return to T1, after a four-year hiatus involving stints with Vici Gaming and DAMWON, marks a crucial moment for the team. Known as one of the greatest coaches in League of Legends history, kkOma boasts an unparalleled record:

  • 8 LCK Titles with T1
  • 2 MSI Championships with T1
  • 3 World Championships with T1

The 2023 Triumph: A Benchmark for Excellence

LeagueOfLegends Worlds2023 Finals T1 SummonersCup

T1’s impeccable performance in 2023 set a new standard in the competitive League of Legends scene. The team, led by the legendary Faker, demonstrated unrivaled dominance, especially against the LPL teams, hinting at the possibility that while the LPL might excel in regular season strength, T1 reigns supreme when it comes to the world’s best.

T1’s Challenge: Maintaining a World-Class Roster

The critical task for T1, and particularly for kkOma, is to retain the roster that led them to global victory. This challenge is reminiscent of DRX’s post-2022 Worlds scenario, where a disbandment led key players to find their paths in different teams.

T1 players previously hinted at a potential split if the 2023 Worlds title eluded them. However, their victory has opened the door to staying together for another season.

Resisting Temptation: The Battle to Keep Star Players

Retaining key players like Zeus, Oner, and Keria is vital. They are not just the core of the team but also highly sought after in the esports market. Rejecting lucrative offers for these players is crucial for T1’s ambition to achieve even greater heights.

T1’s Ultimate Goal: The Esports Grand Slam

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Chasing the Golden Road

With kkOma’s guidance, T1 is not just aiming to maintain their status but to achieve the elusive Grand Slam or Golden Road. This monumental feat would involve winning all major tournaments in a single year: both LCK seasons, the MSI, and the World Championship. Achieving this would not only cement T1’s legacy but also set an unprecedented record in the history of League of Legends esports.

Faker’s Leadership: A Key Factor

Faker’s role as the captain is more crucial than ever. His leadership and experience will be pivotal in guiding T1 through the challenges of the upcoming season and in their quest for the Grand Slam.

The Road Ahead

As T1 embarks on this ambitious journey, they need to focus on team cohesion, strategic innovation, and adapting to the evolving competitive landscape. With kkOma’s strategic acumen and Faker’s leadership, T1 has the potential to redefine excellence in League of Legends esports.