Who is Sungbo Shim? The Unsung Hero of Worlds 2023 Known as “Vicente”

Who is Sungbo Shim? The Unsung Hero of Worlds 2023 Known as “Vicente”

24. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Every significant event has its legends and memes. The 2023 League of Legends World Championship is no exception, and this year, a unique figure has emerged from the shadows: Sungbo Shim, colloquially known as “Vicente” among the Spanish-speaking community. But who is this man behind the trending meme, and why has he captured the hearts of millions?

The Birth of “Vicente”

Jaime Mellado, a renowned commentator for League of Legends in the LVP (Professional Video Game League), is notorious for his sharp wit and his knack for coining phrases that quickly become part of the community lexicon. Among his many contributions, Mellado is the brain behind the “Vicente” moniker.

Interestingly, “Vicente” isn’t the real name of this now-iconic figure. The name was conjured up by Mellado in a spontaneous moment, and it stuck. Everywhere you look – from Twitter feeds to Reddit threads – “Vicente” is the talk of the town.

Sungbo Shim: The Man Behind the Meme

Sungbo Shim, the real name of “Vicente,” has been an integral part of the League of Legends ecosystem. Serving as the competition manager for the prestigious LCK (League Champions Korea) since December 2022, Sungbo has been responsible for overseeing key decisions in one of the world’s most esteemed leagues. A true unsung hero, he ensures the smooth functioning of the countless matches, many of which remain unseen by the general public.

Prior to his LCK involvement, Sungbo dedicated over a year nurturing young talents in the K League. He also briefly dabbled in a Korean futsal company, showcasing his diverse background in competitive sports.

The “Hand of Destiny” in Worlds 2023


Sungbo’s meteoric rise to internet fame during Worlds 2023 stems from his role during the Swiss draft – dubbed by many as the best format in Worlds history. As the person drawing team lots, his decisions have, at times, appeared almost prophetic, especially for European teams.

Rumors humorously suggest that “Vicente” is a die-hard fan of European teams like G2 Esports, MAD Lions, and Fnatic, given the favorable drafts the LEC teams often receive. Whether this is true or just a whimsical notion by fans, Sungbo’s impact on Worlds 2023 is undeniable.

An Icon in the Making

Drawing lots in front of over a million viewers might seem simple, but Sungbo’s presence has added a layer of intrigue and excitement. His every move is scrutinized, celebrated, and memed, turning him into one of the most iconic figures of this year’s tournament.

He´s place in Worlds

The world of League of Legends esports is filled with numerous unsung heroes, and Sungbo Shim, or “Vicente” as he’s affectionately called, is one of them. His contributions to the League of Legends community, both in the LCK and at Worlds 2023, have cemented his place in history. While memes come and go, the memories of this year’s championship and its unexpected hero will undoubtedly linger for years to come.