SumaiL Loses Lawsuit Against Evil Geniuses for Breach of Contract

SumaiL Loses Lawsuit Against Evil Geniuses for Breach of Contract

12. March 2024 by Never

 Former Evil Geniuses Dota 2 star Syed “SumaiL” Hassan has faced a setback in his legal battle against the organization and Peak6 after more than two years of legal proceedings. The case, which centered around allegations of breach of contract and other claims against EG and Peak6, has concluded with a verdict ruling in favor of the defendants.

Unveiling the Legal Dispute Between EG and SumaiL

The legal dispute, first brought to light in March 2023 by Richard Lewis, stemmed from accusations that EG took advantage of SumaiL during contract negotiations and ownership matters. Allegations included the conversion of SumaiL’s stock into mixed options following Peak6’s acquisition of EG in 2019, as well as attempts by EG to leverage his contract against him after he was moved to the inactive roster post-The International 2019.

Legal Proceedings

SumaiL and his legal team sought damages for the impact of Peak6’s acquisition on his ownership stake, as well as alleged coercive tactics during contract termination negotiations. Despite SumaiL’s refusal to comply with several of EG’s requests for admission, the case proceeded to a full trial.

Verdict and Outcome:

The jury ruled in favor of EG and Peak6 on all counts, including breach of contract and false misrepresentation. SumaiL’s claims of never receiving any value for his shares were dismissed, and the verdict favored the defendants.

Sumail has reportedly lost his lawsuit against Evil Geniuses
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Dota Drama: SumaiL’s Continued Journey and EG’s Exit from the Scene

Despite the outcome of the lawsuit, SumaiL continues his Dota career and has since played for Nigma Galaxy. Meanwhile, EG has exited the Dota 2 competitive scene for the first time since its entry in 2012.