Street Fighter 6: Akuma Returns to the Fray

Street Fighter 6: Akuma Returns to the Fray

13. March 2024 by Never

An event brimming with announcements has heralded the return of a beloved character from the depths of the underworld to grace the game once more.

A Familiar Face Reemerges

Street Fighter, one of the most renowned games in history, has provided gamers with countless memorable moments across various consoles and arcades. With the arrival of the sixth installment, we’ve seen many characters join the roster. However, in the latest Capcom Highlights event, we were treated to a significant surprise.

Akuma Returns

The demonic Akuma joins the roster of Street Fighter 6, completing the Year 1 character lineup for the acclaimed fighting game, slated to hit the streets in the second quarter of 2024.

Players can square off against Akuma in three game modes, including Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. Stay tuned for more information on Akuma’s abilities, and keep your eyes peeled for captivating announcements regarding Year 2 content and exciting events heading to the Battle Hub later this year.

Mega Man Battle Pass

Don’t forget to check out this month’s Mega Man Battle Pass in Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub. There’s a plethora of content and rewards centered around everyone’s favorite robot to explore, including this month’s Street Voter event, where players can vote for their favorite Mega Man game.

Capcom Cup XI

Additionally, it was announced that at Capcom Cup XI, the epic conclusion of this year’s Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) season, the Grand Finals winner will once again receive a whopping one million dollar prize. Best of luck to all competitors worldwide ready to test their mettle throughout the CPT 2024 season.

Street Fighter League (SFL) Pro-JP 2024

Street Fighter League (SFL): Pro-JP 2024 welcomes three new teams: Crazy Raccoon, FUKUSHIMA IBUSHIGIN, and Yogibo REJECT, making it the most packed season to date, with 12 teams vying for the title. The SFL JP 2024 season kicks off in July.

Exciting Changes Ahead

With these significant updates, competitive players can expect substantial changes that will enhance their experience, alongside the opportunity to wield our beloved demon character. Let’s not forget that just a few weeks ago, improvements to the online mode were announced, promising a smoother gameplay experience for all.