Street Fighter 6 Welcomes Akuma: A Look at the Upcoming DLC Character

Street Fighter 6 Welcomes Akuma: A Look at the Upcoming DLC Character

2. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Capcom has stirred excitement among Street Fighter fans with a teaser of the upcoming DLC character for Street Fighter 6: Akuma. Revealed through a new image on Twitter, the iconic fighter is set to make a formidable return, showcasing a more intimidating presence than ever before.

Akuma’s Raging Return in 2024

  • Twitter Teaser: Capcom released an art piece captioned “Raging into 2024!”
  • Appearance: Akuma appears more robust, sporting his traditional gi and barefoot look.
  • Release Window: Expected in Spring 2024, with no specific date yet confirmed.

Akuma in Street Fighter 6

  • Background: A shotokan character like Ryu and Ken, Akuma first emerged in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, evolving into a key antagonist in the series.
  • Fighting Style: Utilizes Ansatsuken martial arts and potentially the Satsui no Hado technique, indicating an aggressive playstyle akin to Ryu and Ken.
  • Character Traits: Likely to be a glass cannon, balancing immense power with vulnerability, accentuated by his formidable physique.

Signature Moves and Gameplay Impact

  • Zanku Hadoken: Akuma’s classic jumping Hadoken move will be available for players to master with their custom characters.
  • Versus Play and World Tour Mode: The move is expected to be a popular choice due to its effectiveness and utility.

Anticipation for Akuma’s Release

While the precise release date remains unannounced, fans eagerly anticipate Akuma’s arrival in Street Fighter 6 during the first half of 2024. His new design, coupled with the lore and gameplay mechanics, suggests a refreshing yet familiar experience for long-time enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


Street Fighter 6 DLC Update: Akuma Makes a Fierce Comeback

Akuma’s addition to Street Fighter 6 represents a blend of nostalgia and innovation. Players should prepare for a character that retains his classic essence while introducing new dynamics to the game’s combat system.