Streams Charts and MIRAI: Revolutionizing Global Influencer Marketing

Streams Charts and MIRAI: Revolutionizing Global Influencer Marketing

26. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Streams Charts, a leader in streaming audience analysis, proudly introduces MIRAI. This latest venture into global influencer marketing and advertising is set to connect brands with influential creators in key markets, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Expanding Horizons and Setting Industry Standards

This expansion is a testament to Streams Charts’ commitment to shaping the future of digital content creation and brand promotion. Over the years, their expertise has facilitated impactful collaborations with top international brands, such as HyperX and Monster Energy.

Optimizing Influencer Marketing Strategies

After closely working with brands and streamers for over three years, Streams Charts recognized a gap in the influencer marketing approach. Key insights for campaign effectiveness often remain underutilized.


Nazar Babenko’s Vision for Performance-Centric Marketing

Nazar Babenko, Product Manager at Streams Charts, highlights the creation of an influencer marketing agency focused on performance. This agency aims to complete the cycle of introducing brands into streaming communities, enhancing the ecosystem through data-driven, sustainable deals benefiting both brands and creators.

What MIRAI Offers: Comprehensive Campaign Management

  • Promotion Across Major Platforms: Expertise in live-streaming and online video platforms (YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Kick).
  • Brand Awareness and Performance Marketing: Designing, planning, and executing successful brand awareness and performance marketing campaigns.

Creator Partner Programs

  • Development and Execution: Building and managing creator partner programs for brands, games, or products with top influencers.

Brand Consultancy

  • Expert Insights: Consulting in live streaming, gaming (PC, Console, Mobile), esports, and Web3.

Market Analysis and Insights

  • Deep Market Analysis: Providing in-depth market analysis and insights to navigate the dynamic world of live streaming and online video.

Talent Recruitment

  • Recruiting for Events and Shows: Recruiting talent for gaming events, esports tournaments, or co-watching shows with professional hosts, commentators, and live streamers.

Exclusive Campaign Reporting

  • Unique Reporting Tools: Utilizing unique campaign reporting tools and automated insight features, including AI Voice Recognition, Chat Analysis & QR Codes, and Campaign Visualization with Banners.

Embracing the Future with MIRAI

As MIRAI marks a significant expansion for Streams Charts in the realm of global influencer marketing and advertising, it invites us to explore new possibilities. For more information about this innovative platform and the comprehensive services MIRAI offers, visit the official website at