Streamer ByViruZz accused of high levels of doping in London fight

Streamer ByViruZz accused of high levels of doping in London fight

7. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Viruzz, streamer, and content creator, has been accused of doping following tests conducted before his victory in London. The YouTuber has already spoken and let his opinions be known, as have some other related figures, such as his coach.

Doping accusations against Viruzz for his fight at the Fight of the Year

Spanish-speaking online users are under a shadow of uncertainty. The Professional Boxing Association (ABP) has accused Victor Mélida, a streamer better known on social networks as Viruzz, of doping.

According to the association’s doping test results, Viruzz would have had very high testosterone levels. The content creator had testosterone levels more than ten times higher than average.

Undoubtedly, these accusations are quite significant because, while doping is always wrong, it can be risky and dangerous when facing opponents in boxing. For its part, the media Happy Punch, which regularly follows all the news related to boxing, revealed all the details of this information.

Now, with the doping test results, it is possible that today, August 7, the organization will announce Viruzz’s defeat. However, it is unknown now if Viruzz’s 50,000 pounds prize money will be returned after knocking out DK Monkey in the third round.

A career tainted by doubts

People were quick to react to this news. Viruzz’s personal trainer, Sandor Martin, was one of the first to react to the news. Sandor, a world championship contender, is a well-known figure in Spanish and European boxing and serves as a role model for all content creators participating in the “Velada del año.”

It is important to note that in recent months Sandro has begun to have a closer relationship with Viruzz due to his training. That is why in Sandro’s statement, it is so evident how disappointed he is.

Of course, Viruzz himself wanted to comment on the PBA’s decision, accepting the sanction and admitting the truth. The influencer stated, “No one but me has chosen this path,” dispelling any possible doubts about his team members or organizations.

After his statements, the influencer has not received much sympathy on the Internet. Thousands of social network users, formerly known as Twitter, have decided to charge against the YouTuber. Since defeating Momo, Viruzz has been actively marketing paid personal classes in which he helps students reach fitness levels similar to his own. Hopefully, the streamer will soon be able to escape the shadow of doubt he has created about his fitness career.