“Still Here” Shatters YouTube Records: The Stunning Success of LoL’s Cinematic

“Still Here” Shatters YouTube Records: The Stunning Success of LoL’s Cinematic

12. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

2024 marks a triumphant rebound for Riot Games with their latest League of Legends cinematic, “Still Here”. After facing criticism in 2023, Riot has made a historic comeback, setting new records on YouTube and captivating the LoL community.

A Historic Milestone on YouTube

Record-Breaking Views “Still Here” has achieved an unprecedented success, garnering 22 million views within the first 24 hours of its release on YouTube. According to League Charts, this places it at the top of the most-viewed LoL videos in the initial 24 hours.


Comparison with Past Releases

A Massive Leap from 2023 The cinematic has significantly outperformed its predecessor, “The Break of Infinity”, which currently stands at 3 million views – a stark contrast to the 38 million views “Still Here” boasts at the time of writing.

Dominating the LoL YouTube Scene

Surpassing K/DA’s Phenomenon “Still Here” not only eclipses its immediate predecessor but also surpasses the massive hits of K/DA, including “MORE” and “THE BADDEST”. It stands as a testament to the evolving nature of LoL’s audiovisual presentations.

The Revival of Riot Games’ Cinematic Art

A Response to Previous Criticism Riot faced backlash in 2023 for releasing a ‘soulless’ cinematic. In contrast, “Still Here” showcases a vibrant 3D design and features numerous champions, indicating Riot’s commitment to addressing community feedback.

Highlights of “Still Here”

Epic Champion Showdowns The cinematic artfully weaves various story arcs, such as Tryndamere’s battle against Kindred, aided by Ashe, and the intense face-off between Kayle, Morgana, and Aatrox. The inclusion of popular characters like Yasuo adds to its allure.

The Record-Breaking League of Legends Cinematic on YouTube

Riot Games’ latest endeavor, “Still Here”, signifies a remarkable turnaround in their cinematic approach, resonating powerfully with the League of Legends community. This success story underlines the importance of listening to feedback and continually innovating in the esports and gaming industry.