Steam’s Advancements in Streaming for New Games

Steam’s Advancements in Streaming for New Games

29. April 2024 by Never

In the first quarter of 2024, Steam has solidified its position as a legitimate streaming platform, achieving a record of 151.3 million hours viewed and an average audience of 69,300 viewers.

Despite this growth, Twitch and YouTube still dominate with figures ten times higher. To carve out its own path in the streaming arena, Steam is adopting a new strategy targeted at its niche audience.

Steam’s Streaming Growth

Steam’s streaming performance is detailed further in Stream Hatchet’s Q1 2024 report, available for free download. During this period, the platform witnessed a surge in viewership, demonstrating its potential to engage a specific subset of gaming enthusiasts.

Top Games on Steam

Unsurprisingly, the most-watched games on Steam are all PC titles. Notably, Counter-Strike leads with 13.7 million hours viewed, with 2.2 million hours attributed to the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. This highlights the potential for esports to thrive on Steam.

While Twitch remains dominant for esports, organizers can tap into Steam’s niche audience to expand their competitive gaming fanbase.

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Additionally, the open-world survival game Enshrouded gained significant traction on Steam with 9.4 million hours viewed, underscoring the enduring popularity of this genre across streaming platforms.

Strategic Focus on New Releases

Traditionally overshadowed by Twitch and YouTube, Steam is reshaping its identity in streaming. Q1 2024 unveils a potential new approach: spotlighting newly launched games through official broadcasts.

Nearly 40% of hours viewed for the top 100 streamed games on Steam were from titles released in the same quarter. In contrast, Twitch and YouTube saw only 7% and 4%, respectively, of hours viewed from new releases.



Pre-launch Hype and Partnerships

Some developers are even using streaming pre-launch to build anticipation. Aztecs The Last Sun, for instance, ranked as the sixth most-viewed game on Steam in Q1 2024 despite not yet being released.

The Power of Influencers and Direct-to-Consumer Streaming

Harnessing influencer power and direct-to-consumer streaming is a potent way to promote new titles. Brands are likely to capitalize on this trend to attract fresh attention to their products.

Recommendations for Game Publishers and Developers

  • Prioritize official streams for new releases to engage the Steam community.
  • Collaborate with streamers and influencers to generate buzz before and after game launches.
  • Leverage niche audiences on Steam to expand viewership and engagement.

Steam’s Strategic Evolution: Building a Premier Streaming Platform for PC Gaming Enthusiasts

In conclusion, Steam’s evolving strategy towards streaming reflects a concerted effort to cultivate a unique space in the competitive world of online gaming content. By spotlighting new releases and fostering collaborations with streamers, Steam aims to solidify its standing as a formidable streaming platform for PC gaming enthusiasts.