Exploring the Stars: Where are Starfield’s Promised Updates from Bethesda?

Exploring the Stars: Where are Starfield’s Promised Updates from Bethesda?

31. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the vast gaming universe, Starfield emerged as a beacon of hope for many enthusiasts. However, as weeks turned into months since its launch, the shiny veneer has started to show some cracks. Players around the globe have been eagerly waiting for the game’s promised updates, but the delay is raising eyebrows and prompting questions.

Promises in the Infinite Cosmos

Starfield burst into the gaming scene, introducing players to hundreds of explorable planets within the Bethesda universe. From unraveling enigmatic mysteries, establishing forward bases, to combating adversaries on land and in space, the game seemed to promise an all-encompassing space odyssey.

Yet, amidst these galactic adventures, some gamers have been grounded by numerous bugs. Bethesda was quick to address these concerns at launch, promising a series of patches to iron out the wrinkles. However, the pace of these patches has dwindled, leaving players pondering the whereabouts of these announced fixes.

The Elusive Updates of Starfield

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On September 14th, shortly after Starfield’s grand debut, Bethesda’s team encouraged fans to “anticipate a regular cadence of updates encompassing the community’s most requested features.” Fast forward to now, and fans are left asking, “Where are those updates?

Despite such lofty proclamations, only two updates have been witnessed since that declaration. The most recent one dropped on October 9th, focusing on a mere quartet of “issues” and encompassing the FOV slider along with several stability and performance enhancements.

Still, major glitches reported by the players, such as the spontaneous disappearance of ships or uninitiated takeoffs, remain unresolved. Bethesda’s radio silence on the matter has further muddled the waters, amplifying players’ need for clarity on forthcoming patches.

The Vanishing Act: Ships in Thin Air

The social media cosmos has been abuzz with Starfield players voicing their vexations about the phantom updates. Predominantly, the vanishing ship glitch has taken center stage. It’s a jarring experience, especially when a player witnesses their means of interstellar travel disappearing post-modifications. “Half the times I tweak a ship, it just vanishes, compelling me to reload the game. The time sink to retrieve it is exasperating,” lamented a player.

For many, fixing this bug is tantamount, and they await Bethesda’s acknowledgment. The game’s developers have reassured players of their unwavering commitment, stating they plan to support their creation for “many years to come.” Hopefully, the calls of their player base won’t fall on deaf ears, and these issues will be addressed soon.

Reputation in Game

Starfield, with its expansive universe and immense potential, stands at a crucial juncture. Bethesda has an opportunity to not only deliver on its promises but to also solidify its reputation in the gaming community. Addressing bugs swiftly, communicating transparently, and ensuring regular updates will be pivotal in this endeavor. Players are not just looking for a game; they’re seeking an experience, and it’s up to Bethesda to ensure that journey is stellar.