Starfield: Breaking Records and Setting a New Standard for Bethesda

Starfield: Breaking Records and Setting a New Standard for Bethesda

6. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Starfield: Bethesda’s Stellar Success that Defies Criticism
The gaming industry has witnessed countless releases, but few have generated as much buzz and discussion as Starfield. Despite the mixed reviews, this Bethesda title has proven to be a true phenomenon, surpassing milestones and establishing itself as the studio’s most successful launch.

A Stellar Launch Captivating the Audience

From September 6th, and after early access from the 1st of that month, Starfield rocketed to stardom. It hadn’t been a day after its release when it already had 6 million players immersed in its universe. The criticisms, as varied and forceful as they were, did not prevent this space title from continuing its upward trajectory.

10 Million Players: Bethesda’s Unexpected Triumph

Bethesda is no stranger to success, but Starfield has taken things to a new level. Just two weeks after its premiere, the game surpassed the 10 million player mark. This achievement is even more impressive considering that neither Bethesda nor Microsoft had set clear expectations regarding the expected number of players or the timeframe to achieve such figures. The impact of Game Pass and the various ways to access Starfield makes it even harder to compare it to the studio’s previous releases. The exact nature of these numbers, whether direct sales or through subscriptions, remains a mystery.


The Future Shines for Starfield

Starfield’s journey does not end here. Bethesda has announced that the game will feature an expansion called Shattered Space and various updates, including improvements like DLSS compatibility and the inclusion of an FOV slider.

But there’s more on the horizon. In 2024, mod compatibility will be launched, allowing modders to adapt and customize Starfield to their liking, following Bethesda’s tradition of supporting the modder community. While some modifications are already available, these are limited and focus on changes to existing files.

Keep Going

Starfield has proven that a game can overcome criticism and establish itself as a phenomenon in the industry. With such a strong start and plenty of content and improvements on the horizon, all that remains is to wait and see what other achievements this title will reach in the future.