Ssumday’s Legacy in Esports: A Story of Triumph and Uncertainty

Ssumday’s Legacy in Esports: A Story of Triumph and Uncertainty

6. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Kim Chan-ho, known as “Ssumday” in the esports realm, has been a beacon of talent and skill in the competitive League of Legends community. His journey from being a coveted player to facing a teamless future in 2024 encapsulates the volatility and challenges in esports.

The Impact of Esports Economics

Ssumday’s predicament is a reflection of the broader economic challenges in esports. Despite his status as a former LCS champion and one of the top laners in the region, he finds himself without a team. This situation is partly due to the reduction of teams in the league and the financial realities of esports.


A Career Spanning Continents

Ssumday’s decision to move from South Korea to North America in 2016 was a pivotal moment in his career. It highlighted the stark differences in gameplay and competitive level between the two regions. Despite these differences, Ssumday has been a consistent performer, earning multiple accolades, including three “best top” titles in the LCS.

Reflecting on Retirement and Legacy

In a candid interview with InvenGlobal, Ssumday expressed contemplation of retirement. This introspection highlights a common theme in esports, where players dedicate themselves entirely to gaming, often at the cost of other pursuits. As the limelight fades, players like Ssumday confront the fear of falling into oblivion despite their significant contributions.

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Ssumday’s Role in Shaping Esports

Ssumday’s legacy is not just confined to his accomplishments but also his role in defining the narratives of teams like KT Rolster and 100 Thieves. He has been instrumental in the successes of these teams, showcasing his ability to adapt and excel in varying environments.

From Top Laner to Teamless – A Reflection on His Journey

The story of Ssumday is a compelling reminder of the transient nature of esports fame and the importance of preserving the historical memory of players who have shaped the industry. His journey from a celebrated player to facing an uncertain future underscores the need for a sustainable model in esports that values and remembers the contributions of its athletes.