Spike Stats, the app to view our VALORANT stats

Spike Stats, the app to view our VALORANT stats

14. July 2023 by miranda angeles

If you are one of those players who like to see all your stats in video games, there is a perfect application for you. We are talking about Spike Stats; it is an ideal tool to see our K/D or RIOT shooter history.

It seems unreal that VALORANT has already been with us for three years. Little by little, the community grows, and new ways to understand and enjoy the game come with it. This time we will talk about an ideal tool for players who like to know how their stats are.

Spike Stats: The VALORANT tool that many wish to have

The new app, Spike Stats, has been created by a VALORANT player. Reddit user abarrach has published a post explaining the details of the app he has created.

In the post, abarrach describes himself in his article as an enthusiastic gamer who works as an iOS and Android programmer. On the other hand, abarrach comments that when he first played the game in the summer, he fell in love with it. So he decided to create a mobile application that would allow us to see the statistics of our shooter.

In addition, Spike Stats is supported by the Riot Games team, which allows the application to use the game’s official API. Similarly, we must use Riot Sign On to log in with our Riot account.

I have created a free player performance tracking app for Valorant
byu/abarrach inVALORANT

Spike Stats app details

The first thing we have to do in the Spike Stats app is to log in so we can have access to several functions. We can see our profiles, average statistics, and even a history of our previous games. These stats will include everything from the damage we have done with our weapons to kills or our K/D ratio.

In addition, the app uses and interprets API data to provide new information, such as our in-game performance and even our tendencies.

On the other hand, the app is available for download through the Google Play store and has a website and a Twitter account. The latter will serve as the creator’s communication method for any updates and changes made to the app.

However, in addition to the Android version, Spike Stats currently has other versions. To ensure that nothing is missed, the app has also been updated to reflect the addition of new game modes and agents, including Team Deathmatch and Deadlock.

Other interesting tools for the RIOT shooter

VALORANT players don’t always want to measure their gaming performance. Some want to know how much money they have invested in the shooter. If you are one of those players who want to know how much money you have spent, you should first visit the Riot Games website. Once on this page, all we have to do is log in with our account.

Once there, all we have to do is click on “View purchase history,” the page will instantly provide us with detailed information about every time we have spent money in the game. This way, we can see how much money we have spent in VALORANT with that specific account.