Some long-lasting bugs in Apex Legends are fixed thanks to an overhaul

Some long-lasting bugs in Apex Legends are fixed thanks to an overhaul

28. April 2023 by miranda angeles

For some time now, Apex Legends players have been complaining about bugs in the game. Recently, season 16 of the game was released, and the persistent performance problems have increased and, for some users, have become very annoying. However, fixes for these problems will be coming to the game.

Given all of the game’s bugs, some people have decided to quit; one example was streamer Imperialhal, who has decided to stop streaming Apex. Imperialhal comments that this decision was taken as a consequence of the bad state of the game at the moment.

But the good news for all Apex Legends lovers is that the game developers are focused on solving all those bugs. That’s why they have planned to release a new game update with which they intend to fix the most significant problems.

The developers of Apex Legends are working on fixing the game’s bugs

As we mentioned before, the game developers are seeing more and more complaints about the bugs in Apex. So Respawn has decided to launch a review before the next season.

This review aims to fix the problems that make the game experience of Apex users no longer rewarding and fun. Unfortunately, because of all these problems, the player experience lately has been very frustrating.

An overhaul is coming to Apex Legends to fix some of the game’s bugs

Respawn recently announced that it would release an emergency overhaul for the game due to the number of issues in recent months.

The problems they are trying to fix with this patch are VFX drops and audio bugs. It is important to comment that these two bugs have generated many gameplay problems; they have also hurt the performance of the games.

On the other hand, players should know that not all the problems will be solved with the new update, so the slowness of the LGS server that has ruined competitive games will likely continue to occur.

In turn, Respawn has stated that all the problems will be fixed, but it will be a long process, so all players should be patient. In addition, several revisions must come to the game to fix all the bugs.

On the other hand, the game developers have informed us that the patch has already arrived in Apex Legends. After learning about the patch, many players applauded it as a step in the right direction for the game.

However, it is important to comment that other problems persist in the game despite the patch. More fixes are expected to come to Apex Legends as season 17 approaches.