Some details of VALORANT Agent 23

Some details of VALORANT Agent 23

7. June 2023 by miranda angeles

At the beginning of June 2023, Riot’s shooter celebrated three years since its release. To celebrate the three years, the game’s developers have promised a preview of everything coming to VALORANT during 2023, including the next agent coming to the game.

Following the release of VALORANT’s Agent 22 Gekko earlier this year, development team manager Anna Donlon has confirmed that two more agents will be coming to the game in 2023. It is possible that the start of Episode VII, which is scheduled for the end of June, will come with the release of Agent 23.

The first of the two agents to arrive during the year’s second half is a deadly Sentinel agent. However, the information about this agent is scarce at the moment. We are not sure if the codename of the new VALORANT character is “Agent 23”; however, it would not be unreasonable to think so, considering that Gekko was previously known as Agent 22.

Although the information about the new agent is very little, this does not impede game fans from making endless assumptions. Today we tell you some details that are known so far about the sentinel agent or Agent 23.

Some details about VALORANT’s Agent 23

The game’s developers stated in the preview post that the sentinel agent would make all game fans come to a full stop and get a closer look at him. At the same time, the game developers have published an image of the new agent manipulating different objects.

new sentinel teaser

Of the many details in the image, one that has caught the attention of fans is the device that appears at the bottom of the image; it is a player card that bears the name Deathtrap in the most recent battle pass. So, many people believe that the new agent’s ability may be called a “Death Trap.”

On the other hand, on the objects on the table, you can see a reel with blue rope, which looks quite similar to the line used for fishing. It is possible that this new agent “lures enemies in for a closer look”; perhaps the enemies are entangled in a trap and can be pulled in.

Now, the origin of Agent 23 may be revealed by looking at Waffles. According to the analysis of a game fan, in the image, you can see some heart-shaped Scandinavian waffles; also, you can see that it has Norwegian cheese on top, called brunost. On the other hand, considering the blue thread spool may refer to the important role that fishing has played in the Norwegian economy. Agent 23 likely originated in Norway.

Currently, these are only assumptions taken from the published image of the new agent. Still, in a few days, the game’s developers will likely reveal more details that will confirm his origin and the abilities of Agent 23.