Smolder Dominates League of Legends in Patch 14.4

Smolder Dominates League of Legends in Patch 14.4

28. February 2024 by Never

Smolder, the Fiery Fledgling, has quickly risen to prominence in the League of Legends solo queue ladder, emerging as one of the most contested champions in the pick-and-ban phase. With an impressive presence in Platinum rank and higher, Smolder boasts the highest pick rate and ban rate among all champions, showcasing his undeniable impact on the game.

Smolder’s Stats

According to League stats aggregate U.GG, Smolder commands a remarkable 21.6 percent pick rate and an astounding 38.8 percent ban rate across over 427,000 games on Patch 14.4. These numbers solidify Smolder’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with, capturing the attention of thousands of players worldwide.

Late Game Dominance

Despite his 49 percent win rate in Platinum rank and higher, Smolder’s true strength lies in his ability to scale rapidly with his passive. With proper wave management and efficient farming,

Players can amass the necessary 225 stacks for Smolder’s passive by the 19 to 20-minute mark, granting him substantial damage output that only amplifies with itemization. His proficiency as a bottom lane carry has made him a formidable threat in the late game, showcasing his potential to turn the tide of battles.

Balancing Challenges

Smolder’s dominance has sparked debate within the League community, particularly regarding his balance across different skill levels.

While higher-tier players can optimize his strengths, lower-ranked players may struggle to capitalize on his power spikes due to inefficient farming. Balancing Smolder for both competitive and casual play remains a challenge, as any adjustments made could significantly impact his performance across various skill levels.

Smolder: League of Legends’ Most Contested Champion in Patch 14.4

As Smolder continues to dominate the League of Legends meta, players eagerly anticipate the forthcoming changes in Patch 14.5 and how they will affect his gameplay dynamics.

Whether these adjustments will level the playing field for all skill levels or further solidify Smolder’s status as a powerhouse remains to be seen, but one thing is certain—Smolder’s fiery presence will continue to shape the landscape of League of Legends.