LoL Update: Smite Adjustment Aims to Empower Newcomers

LoL Update: Smite Adjustment Aims to Empower Newcomers

3. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games takes a significant step to make the early stages of League of Legends more accessible for beginners. In the latest effort to streamline the gaming experience, the company has introduced an update to the Summoner spell Smite, lowering the level required to unlock it, thus welcoming novice players into the jungle role sooner than ever before.

Enhanced Accessibility with Smite’s New Unlock Level

Gone are the days of grinding to level nine to wield the power of Smite. With patch 13.22, Riot has altered the game’s dynamics, allowing players to equip Smite at level three. This strategic move is set to eliminate the barriers for new players, inviting them to engage with the jungle and its intricacies early on in their League of Legends journey.

Smite’s Lower Threshold: A Double-Edged Sword?

While the majority of the community hails this change as a boon for beginners, concerns have surfaced regarding its potential exploitation by smurf accounts. Experienced players, equipped with Smite at lower levels, could potentially dominate newcomers who are still learning the ropes, sparking debates on the fairness of this adjustment.

A Continual Effort to Simplify the Game for Newcomers

Riot Games’ commitment to easing the learning curve for new entrants isn’t new. The Smite change joins a suite of enhancements designed to simplify gameplay, including guided purchasing, ability leveling, and jungle camp clearing paths. These tools collectively aim to make the initial stages of gameplay more intuitive and less daunting for first-time players.

Thinking in the New Players

The Smite update is more than just a tweak; it represents Riot Games’ dedication to inclusivity and ongoing improvement of the player experience. By allowing new players to delve into the jungle role earlier, Riot encourages a fuller exploration of what League of Legends has to offer, ensuring that the battlefield is an ever-evolving and welcoming arena for all.