Skarner Rework Arriving Sooner Than Expected in LoL

Skarner Rework Arriving Sooner Than Expected in LoL

5. March 2024 by Never

The new season of League of Legends continues to bring surprises, but one particular release has been eagerly anticipated by the community since its announcement. We bring good news for Crystal Vanguard enthusiasts as the Skarner rework will be hitting the game sooner than anticipated in recent weeks.

Skarner’s Journey

Skarner emerged as the winner of the Season 12 rework poll, and with each detail revealed, the community grew increasingly eager to test the champion’s new iteration. However, the latest development update made no mention of Skarner’s reimagining, which had already faced delays throughout the previous year.

Confirmation of Arrival

Concerns arose within the community due to the absence of any mention of Skarner’s rework, fearing another delay in the launch scheduled for the first half of 2024. Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee, League of Legends’ Executive Producer, alleviated fans’ doubts via Reddit, confirming that the project is still in progress and will arrive sooner than anticipated.

“I was worried we were talking too much about Skarner, but in hindsight, I was wrong. Skarner will be in the public beta in a matter of weeks, not months, so hang tight,” he responded to the post. This implies that we may see the new version of the champion by late March or early April.

The Impact of the Rework

This will mark the second rework for the champion since his launch in 2011, addressing the issues that have hindered his evolution within the game. However, with the new iteration of Skarner, we may witness his popularity resurgence once again.

Skarner Rework Brings a New Chapter to League of Legends

As the anticipation builds, Skarner enthusiasts can rejoice in the imminent arrival of the rework, promising an exciting new chapter in the champion’s journey within the League of Legends universe.