Sigewinne Guide in Genshin Impact: Artifacts, Weapons, Team Composition, and Everything You Need to Know

Sigewinne Guide in Genshin Impact: Artifacts, Weapons, Team Composition, and Everything You Need to Know

2. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Sigewinne has made her debut in Genshin Impact during the second phase of version 4.7, alongside Furina in the current banner. While many players are drawn to the Hydro Archon, Sigewinne offers a unique support role that can significantly enhance team synergy when properly built and utilized.

Best Artifacts for Sigewinne in Genshin Impact

Sigewinne specializes in healing and supporting her team, making artifact selection crucial for maximizing her effectiveness. One of the highly recommended artifact sets for her is Tenacity of the Millelith, which provides specific bonuses:

  • 2-piece Set: Increases Healing Bonus by 15%.
  • 4-piece Set: When Sigewinne heals, it triggers the “Rebellious Guardian” effect for 6 seconds. This effect records the amount of HP healed, including any excess healing. Once the duration ends, the effect transforms into “Burgeoning Life,” boosting the DMG of the active character by 8% of the total HP healed and recorded by “Rebellious Guardian” for up to 10 seconds or after triggering 5 times.

Alternatively, players may opt for the Nobleess Oblige set for its Elemental Burst DMG boost or Maiden Beloved for increased healing effectiveness.

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Best Weapons for Sigewinne

As a 5-star character, Sigewinne wields the powerful Heart of Rain, a bow tailored to her abilities:

  • Effect at Refined Level 1: The wielder gains the “Revival” effect. Upon accumulating 1/2/3 charges, Max HP is increased by 12/24/40%. Charges are accrued when using her Elemental Skill (lasts for 25s), Vitality Pact increases (lasts for 25s), or when healing (lasts for 20s). This effect can activate even when Sigewinne is off-field. Upon reaching 3 charges, the CRIT Rate of her Elemental Burst increases by 28% for 4 seconds.

Other notable weapon choices include Aqua Simulacrum, Favonius Warbow, or Recurve Bow, which enhances healing capabilities despite being a 3-star weapon.

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Optimal Team Compositions for Sigewinne

Sigewinne thrives in teams focusing on reactions such as Electro-Charged or Overloaded. Here are some recommended team compositions:

Electro-Charged Team:

  • Main DPS: Clorinde
  • Sub-DPS: Yae Miko
  • Support: Kazuha (Anemo)
  • Healer: Sigewinne

Overloaded Team:

  • Main DPS: Shogun Raiden
  • Sub-DPS: Nahida
  • Support: Kazuha (Anemo)
  • Healer: Sigewinne

Both compositions utilize Sigewinne’s healing abilities to sustain the team while leveraging elemental reactions for increased damage output.


Final Toughts

Sigewinne presents a versatile support option in Genshin Impact, excelling in healing and amplifying team survivability through well-chosen artifacts and weapons. Experiment with different artifact sets and team compositions to suit your playstyle and maximize her potential in combat.

Explore more about Sigewinne and her capabilities as you await further updates and banners in Genshin Impact.