SicK apologizes for posting “offensive” tweets

SicK apologizes for posting “offensive” tweets

2. June 2023 by miranda angeles

VALORANT professional player Hunter “SicK” Mims has been posting some “offensive” messages and has shown erratic behavior following his two arrests.

However, the player publicly apologized for his inappropriate behavior; he also reported that he would begin therapy with the help of Sentinels, the current organization of which he is a member.

SicK’s conduct

SicK, a key player for the Sentinels squad, was first arrested on March 4. The news of his arrest has shocked everyone in his organization and the fan community. SicK’s arrest has triggered many changes in the roster that the entire VALORANT community can see in the regular season of the Americas league.

On the other hand, during the last month, the player has had rather erratic behavior, which has caused former teammates to inform fans to ignore his comments. However, his actions were not only “offensive” comments, so Twitch banned the player. Due to his misconduct, SicK was banned for the second time on May 8.

After many weeks of this kind of behavior, the player published an apology to all his fans and commented that he would start looking for professional help.

SicK apologizes for posting “offensive” tweets

Yesterday, June 1, SicK posted a message apologizing to all his fans on his Twitter account.

The Sentinels player claims that during the last few weeks, the entire community has been able to see his publications; in these publications, he has made offensive comments that have gone too far.

So the player feels sorry and apologizes for all those messages. But, at the same time, SicK assures that all those offensive messages will be deleted.

On the other hand, SicK comments to all his followers that he will begin to seek professional help, so he will begin to attend therapy in a few days. In addition, he assures that the Sentinels back all the professional help he will receive; he assures that his current organization will take care of all the therapy expenses.

To conclude his message, SicK comments that at this moment, he feels motivated to let himself be helped by professionals as he tries to redefine his life. SicK said that he knows it will not be a short process, so he may continue to make mistakes; he also thanked the entire VALORANT community for their support.

Undoubtedly, it is still too early to tell when SicK will return to play with the Sentinels. For now, however, the VALORANT player continues to work with the organization as a content creator. Furthermore, remember that he is not the first former player to remain signed by the organization; former players Sinatraa and Zombs are still associated with the Sentinels.