Shroud has pointed out the aspects that Counter-Strike 2 needs to be improved

Shroud has pointed out the aspects that Counter-Strike 2 needs to be improved

8. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, Shroud has pointed out that the developers of Counter-Strike 2 need to urgently improve certain aspects of the new version of the game.

Counter-Strike 2 had grabbed the attention of many people for some time now when it was just a rumor. However, when these rumors became a reality, the attention to the game increased. The esports media spotlight is on CS2 due to several factors, one of them being the opinion of different important esports personalities about the restricted testing of the game.

Players who have had the opportunity to play the closed beta of CS2 have already made positive and negative comments about the game; thanks to that, we can get an idea of the possible updates that may come to the game before its worldwide release.

With the debut of Counter-Strike 2, one of the most prominent voices in the esports industry, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, has emphasized what Valve urgently needs to fix.

Restricted testing of Counter-Strike 2

Despite the initial enthusiasm shown by the entire CS: GO community, this hype has recently been dampened due to the reduced number of people accessing the game’s beta and Valve’s distribution strategy.

For now, all CS: GO lovers without access to the restricted test must be satisfied with watching streamers and professional players commenting on the game’s first impressions.

Now, if we take stock, the positive comments of the game outweigh the negative ones by a wide margin; however, being a beta, things can always be improved.

Shroud, one of the most famous streamers of both CS:GO and VALORANT, has a clear opinion on what Valve needs to do to attract more players.

Shroud believes that Counter-Strike 2 should improve matchmaking

The request made by the streamer is something that the CS:GO player community has been asking for a long time. We are talking about matchmaking; usually, game users use FACEIT due to Valve’s questionable matchmaking system.

Not to mention how annoying it is not to know when you have a level up or level down left; it’s also very common to encounter players who have several levels more than you.

Shroud assures that Valve must do something about this, although he is aware that users will continue to play whether this improves. On the other hand, Shroud states that he will be very upset if the ranking system in CS2 is the same as in CS:GO.

Shroud "CS2 is in the position to take over and have 5x concurrent players if they make matchmaking actually good."
by u/Draemeth in GlobalOffensive

For some time, the community has been asking the game developers to overhaul this mechanism; now Shroud believes that overhaul should receive improvements urgently.

According to the streamer, improving the system can guarantee a breakthrough for the new version of the game. In addition, Shroud stresses that Counter could reach around five million players on average. Valve must be working on many improvements to the game before the release date arrives, but this change would undoubtedly be crucial for players.