Shine will no longer organize Super Smash Bros tournaments

Shine will no longer organize Super Smash Bros tournaments

15. April 2023 by miranda angeles

For many years Shine has been responsible for organizing Super Smash Bros. tournaments. However, it has been announced that it will no longer organize tournaments after seven years due to serious financial problems. So it seems that the Shine Smash Bros. tournaments are ending after seven years.

Shine will no longer organize Super Smash Bros tournaments

The organizer of Super Smash Bros tournaments recently reported that it has been in a strong financial crisis for some months. So they have had to decide to put aside the tournaments under the name Shine.

In the information published by Shine, it is specified that the organization has substantial debts and liabilities with employees and some people involved in the organization of the tournaments.

In the communiqué, they also thank the public for so many years of fun. They comment that the whole team is very honored to have been able to serve Smash Bros esports during all this time.

Financial difficulties in esports

The financial crisis in esports is affecting both teams and event organizers. Due to rising costs, as of this year, Smash Bros Shine tournaments will no longer be held.

However, this cancellation of a Smash Bros tournament is not the first time it has happened. Recently we saw how Beyond the Summit suspended its competitions. Also, the World Tour was canceled last year, which undoubtedly caused a stir among all game fans.

On the other hand, we have VGBootCamp, which has also been affected by the crisis and has had difficulty managing tournaments like Double Down and Glitch.

But it’s not all bad news for this year; Smash Bros fans will be able to enjoy the tournament organized by Shine. The event organizers have planned a merchandising sales strategy with which they plan to fund the 2023 tournament.

What is the future of Smash Bros esports?

After learning this news, and because many tournaments will no longer be held, fans of the game will wonder what the future of the game will be. But we must tell you that all is not lost for Smash Bros. esports. While some tournament organizers are experiencing financial crises, others are growing. Hungrybox’s Coinbox is one example of these tournament organizers that are in constant growth.

While it may seem that all is lost for Smash Bros tournaments, that is not the reality. This can be seen with some organizers who have an approach that relies directly on the community for Smash Bros is a good way to move Smash Bros tournaments forward.

It seems that the approach that is not giving the expected results is the traditional one, so with some adjustments, Smash Bros Esports can continue to move forward to a good port.