Sheever won’t be part of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2023

Sheever won’t be part of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2023

25. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

Dutch Dota 2 host Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden is a familiar face in the esports scene, as she casts, hosts events and creates content around Dota. She recently stated in a livestream that she will not be part of the talent pool at this year’s DPC, which surprised many.

Sheever said that she has no idea why she wasn’t invited and said that she probably won’t be in the next season either. The start of this year’s Dota Pro Circuit saw plenty of changes in the lineups and talent responsible for broadcasting and analyzing the matches. In addition to Sheever, commentator Owen “ODPixel” Davies has also been absent this season, and Sheever has since commented on the matter. Since Sheever thinks she’s done a good job, she has no idea why she hasn’t been allowed to host any of the six leagues. Considering the recent circumstances, she said she has also considered looking for other jobs that have nothing to do with esports.

Sheever is not in the talent pool

Sheever said she has no idea why she was not invited to DPC 2023. One user inquired if Sheever would be seen in a DPC setup soon, to which Sheever responded with uncertainty, adding that she might not be working for the next tour. While her fans are obviously eager to see her back in action, the presenter said that unless she wants the whole community back, her situation probably won’t change. “I have no idea. I don’t. I wasn’t invited to this season of DPC and to be honest, it looks pretty unlikely for the next season of DPC that I will be invited. So it’s a little bit unfortunate. I don’t know, I mean, I literally have no idea. I thought I was pretty good at my job. It turns out that it doesn’t really matter.

Well, I don’t think anything will change if nobody really cares. Of course you can tell me, and that’s very nice, but I’m not the one making decisions, so I don’t know. It looks like the public is okay with it, which is good.”

Will she look for another job?

It was also mentioned that Sheever’s career as a Dota 2 host depends on which tournament organizer gets to host the tournaments. She commented, “That’s exactly why I’m trying to see what I could do outside of Esport and Dota, because that uncertainty just isn’t for me anymore. I used to be able to handle it very well. Now I don’t have that anymore.”

Usually Sheever was hired by ESL for events, but she didn’t get a region this time, probably that’s why she wasn’t offered a job this time.

Image Credit: Konkol Michal