ShahZaM starts drama with Sentinels CEO Rob Moore over Shroud

ShahZaM starts drama with Sentinels CEO Rob Moore over Shroud

13. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

Former Sentinels player Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan addressed his former team via social media for allegedly denying him a spot in the lineup despite doing the organization a “huge favor” by playing with Shroud last year.

The ex-CS:GO player complained and got in a Twitter-Beef with the CEO of Sentinels, Rob Moore. Everyone in the VALORANT scene was watching the two go at it. It was more like a “he said she said situation involving alleged broken promises by Sentinels towards ShahZaM. ShahZaM accuses Sentinels of breaking promises The 2023 season of the VALORANT Champions Tour is upon us and we’ve already witnessed the first hot drama in the North American region. On Thursday, January 12, Sentinels posted a clip of Don “SyykoNT” Muir (the VALORANT lineup coach) and player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. But someone took offense, it was ex-Sentinels player ShahZaM. The video was funny, but apparently not funny enough because the atmosphere quickly changed.

Sentinels and shroud

ShahZaM’s tweet was directed to Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek stint in the lineup of Sentinels last August to play the VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier. Shroud is obviously a well-known player and streamer with plenty of followers, who had surprisingly joined the Sentinels at the time to return to competition for a short time. So ShahZaM accused the organization of including Shroud only because of his popularity and breaking their promise afterwards.

CEO Rob Moore fires back

That didn’t seem to please Sentinels CEO Rob Moore, who accused his former player of having a bad attitude. Moore made it sound as if ShahZaM wasn’t telling the truth about the promise. But ShahZaM didn’t back down and called Rob Moore out again He wrote, “Are you actually going to deny that you promised me a spot when I did you this ‘big favor’? You can own up to it and do better. don’t lie to your players. Good luck to you and your new team.”
In response, Moore simply wrote, “I didn’t.” ShahZaM totally ignored that both parties basically profited from having shroud on the team because of the heightened exposure. Even though the results weren’t as good as they hoped, the players had an absolute legend on the roster and a veteran that you can learn a lot from.

Should ShahZaM be grateful?

For many people it seemed like ShahZaM should be grateful to have had the chance to play with shroud instead of complaining about it. And he should be grown up enough to know that promises such as “you are on the team for X months” are really hard to keep. Meanwhile, the VALORANT community was amused by the verbal back-and-forth, with Shroud also caught in the crossfire. Shroud, is not really someone that goes for drama and did not really enjoy it that much, so he kept a low profile for the most part.