Set 11 TFT: Easy Compositions for Beginners to Start Winning

Set 11 TFT: Easy Compositions for Beginners to Start Winning

23. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Feeling lost amidst the influx of new information in Set 11 TFT? Don’t worry! Here are some of the easiest compositions to get you started on your journey to victory.

Umbral 6

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The Umbral 6 composition revolves around the Slow Roll strategy. Begin by saving up your gold until you reach 50. Once you’ve hit this mark, gradually level up to 8 while maintaining your economy.

At level 8, where Tier 3 champions are more likely to appear, continuously refresh your shop without dropping below 50 gold in search of Alune and Yone to upgrade them to 3 stars. After achieving this, focus on adding Kayn, Sylas, Lillia, and Sett to your team. Be cautious, as competing players may also be searching for the same champions, making it more challenging to acquire them.

Mythic 5

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Similar to Umbral, the Míticos 5 composition employs the Slow Roll strategy. Your main objective is to upgrade Bard, your primary carry, and Tahm Kench, the cornerstone of your frontline, to 3 stars.

Accompany them with Lillia for magical damage and Galio alongside Nautilus in the frontlines. Securing a double Guinsoo’s Rageblade on Bard is crucial for the success of this composition.

Kindred – Gnar

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While not the strongest composition in the meta, Kindred – Gnar is ideal for players aiming for a secure top 4 finish and early-to-mid game dominance. Save your gold and focus on economy until you reach level 5.

Then, initiate the Slow Roll strategy to upgrade your 2-cost champions to 3 stars. Kindred will deal magical damage from the backline, while Gnar handles AD damage. Once achieved, spend your gold to level up and add key champions like Sett and Kayn to your lineup.


In conclusion, these easy compositions offer a solid foundation for beginners diving into Set 11 TFT. By mastering these strategies, players can streamline their gameplay experience, increase their chances of securing victories, and navigate the intricate world of Teamfight Tactics with confidence.

Whether opting for Umbral 6, Míticos 5, or Kindred – Gnar, players have the tools they need to start their TFT journey on the right foot. So, gather your champions, plan your moves wisely, and embark on the exciting adventure that awaits in Set 11 TFT!