Controversy Before Worlds 2023: EMENES from Cloud9 Sanctioned

Controversy Before Worlds 2023: EMENES from Cloud9 Sanctioned

4. October 2023 by madara s

The competitive world of League of Legends is always filled with surprises, challenges, and occasionally controversies. Just days before the start of Worlds 2023, the most anticipated event of the year, a cloud hangs over North America. Jang “EMENES” Min-soo, the standout mid-laner of Cloud9, has been sanctioned by Riot Games due to xenophobic remarks.

Unexpected Behavior

It’s uncommon for top-tier players to find themselves in such situations. However, EMENES, who played a key role in Cloud9’s runner-up finish in the LCS summer tournament, crossed a line. The Korean player got involved in an incident where he used derogatory and offensive language against another player during a ranked match.

Sanction Details

Riot Games has set out guidelines that all players must adhere to. EMENES has been cited for violating section 14.3.3 of the LCS regulations, which addresses behavior and conduct issues. As a result, he faces a hefty fine of $15,000 USD. Moreover, in order to compete in the North American 2024 season, he must complete an educational course on professionalism.

The Root of the Controversy

It all began on September 15th when Riot Games received reports about EMENES’s conduct in SoloQ matches. Upon investigating the matter, the company found evidence that the mid-laner had made offensive remarks towards streamer Spear_shot. Even though the latter did nothing to provoke EMENES’s reaction, the evidence was damning.

That wasn’t all. During the investigation, Riot Games came across multiple reports from other players about EMENES. These reports unveiled further misconduct incidents that do not reflect the expected behavior of a professional.

Response and Public Apology

Upon realizing the gravity of his actions, EMENES offered a public apology and presented a written statement detailing his side of the story. Despite his attempt to make amends, Riot Games decided to uphold the sanction.

Unknown ending

The League of Legends community and Cloud9 fans hope this situation serves as a reminder of the importance of respect and sportsmanship in the gaming world. Professionalism must be maintained both on and off the virtual battlefield. Moreover, this incident underscores the need for ongoing player education and awareness to prevent future controversies.