S8UL Esports breaks relationship with Skyesports

S8UL Esports breaks relationship with Skyesports

14. May 2023 by miranda angeles

After some controversial messages published by the CEO of Skyesports, the relationship with S8UL Esports is broken.

Skyesports CEO, Shiva Nandy, has been involved in a strong controversy on social networks after posting some comments on Twitter. The first post that started the controversy contained an image of “Throne Games” accompanied by text stating, “The South would always be an independent kingdom.”

That publication has received endless criticism as many people doubt and question the CEO’s intentions and motivations. However, it is important to note that that publication was made after the results of the Karnataka regional elections were known.

S8UL Esports Breaks Relationship with Skyesports

Lokesh “Goldy” Jain, the co-founder of S8UL Esports, has responded to Nandy; in his response, he states that his esports organization will no longer be present in any competitions by Skyesports.

Goldy comments that some people are unaware of their position and sometimes try to mislead people for personal gain.

On the other hand, Goldy also comments that people should measure their impact on society before venting on the internet. Furthermore, he adds that it is difficult to maintain a 1946 mentality in 2023.


Nandy responds to Goldy’s accusations

The controversy continues after the message posted by Goldy; Nandy responds by claiming that Goldy intends to mislead the audience for personal gain.

Nandy explains that in his post, he was not trying to suggest that South India was a nation apart from the country. His message aimed to highlight the diversity of culture in the same country. On the other hand, Nandy assures that he is very proud to be from India, a democratic country.

But that’s not all; Nandy also tells Goldy that he has always tried to fool his followers by turning something very small into something very big.


The controversy continues, and Goldy responds to Nandy. In the response, Glody asks the Skyesports CEO why he deleted his first post and states that he and his followers are no longer connected to his company.

Controversy Spreads, and S8UL Sid Responds to Skyesports CEO

S8UL Sid, the content creator of S8UL Esports, joins the controversy and responds to Nandy. Sid states that some people should not be allowed to use social media. He then tells Nandy that instead of responding defensively, he could explain his first post and ask that he choose his words wisely next time.

After many posts in this debate, Nandy was dismayed and made it clear that he was only referring to the political climate, not the country in general. So far, neither Skyesports nor S8UL Esports have commented on the breakup of their relationship.