S1mple’s Return to CS2: Date, Opponent, and Time Set

S1mple’s Return to CS2: Date, Opponent, and Time Set

29. February 2024 by Never

The anticipation for Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s return to competitive Counter Strike 2 (CS2) is reaching its peak. After confirming his comeback on a temporary loan to Team Falcons, s1mple’s return is imminent, with all the details now finalized.

Debut Details

We’ve received comprehensive information on s1mple’s debut in CS2—how, when, and against whom. As the best player in the history of CS:GO, s1mple had been inactive for weeks, beginning a temporary retirement in August 2023 to sort out his personal life. Now, the Ukrainian superstar’s comeback plan is complete, and here are the details.

Debut Match

S1mple’s debut in CS2 is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6th. Starting at 20:30 CET (Spanish Time), s1mple and Team Falcons will embark on their journey in the BLAST Spring Showdown. Their opponent for this debut match is Metizport, a young Swedish team considered underdogs in the tournament.

Debut Expectations

Expected to perform well, s1mple’s debut match with Team Falcons should be a success. However, all eyes will not only be on s1mple’s presence but also on his gameplay. His performance in competitive CS2 remains a mystery, especially without his signature AWP role.


Role Change

S1mple’s debut will see him in a new role, marked by the absence of the AWP in his hands. As a loanee to Team Falcons, he will fulfill the role of rifler, raising questions about his performance in this new position.

Team Improvement

Apart from his individual performance, s1mple also carries the responsibility of improving Team Falcons. The Saudi club and its star-studded lineup have had a rough start, leading to s1mple’s temporary signing following their failure to qualify for the PGL Major in Copenhagen.


High Expectations

With s1mple as the primary rifler, Team Falcons, led by Spanish player Álvaro “SunPayus” García and others, aims to secure a spot in the BLAST Spring Finals. Expectations are high for s1mple to excel, especially considering his impressive performance in FACEIT matches leading up to the tournament.

Eyes on s1mple: Tracking Team Falcons’ Journey in BLAST Spring Showdown and CS2

Keep an eye on s1mple’s performance and Team Falcons’ progress in the BLAST Spring Showdown. Follow CS2 news and updates for insights into the competitive scene and player performances.