Ropz is one of the CS:GO players who earned the most money in 2022

Ropz is one of the CS:GO players who earned the most money in 2022

30. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently on Reddit, a user made public a report from the RIK, the Estonian Records and Information Systems Center, where you can see all the money Robin “ropz” Kool earned in 2022.

The published report does not detail the figures ropz earned in salary or prizes from the two Majors last year. However, Reddit user “Antichraldo” has made a very detailed post where he specifies how much money ropz has earned in 2022 while playing with the best team in the world FaZe Clan.

Analysis of the money earned by ROPZ in 2022

According to the RIK report, ropz during 2022 earned on the European continent a total € 40,673; this sum would be associated with his employment in MOUZ. However, the most important money figure is the one he has earned on the American continent; the Estonian player at the beginning of 2022 joins the squad of FaZe Clan, a team based in the United States.

Over the past year, ropz has earned more than € 750,000; this money would be associated with the following:

  • Player salary.
  • Prizes won in tournaments won
  • Profits from stickers sold at the Major in Belgium (a must for all organizations with a CS:GO presence).

Among the tournaments won by FaZe Clan last year are Katowice, IEM Cologne, ESL Pro League 15, and Major Antwerp; all the prizes add up. Therefore, we can say that FaZe Clan was one of the most successful teams of the previous year.

Official report: Ropz salary and earnings for 2022.
byu/Antichraldo inGlobalOffensive

Ropz earned almost € 800k in 2022

For many people, this amount of money may be surprising. However, the money earned by ropz could be more. The Reddit user claims this amount would need to be increased, as it might not reflect the earnings made in the last quarter of 2022.

The last quarter of last year was also very good for FaZe, and in the report, the BLAST Premier World and Rio Major prizes are not included.

In addition, another figure to be taken into account is the money earned from sticker sales at the Brazil Major. In short, it can be said that including or not that money, it is obvious that ropz will not have money problems for a while.

This year the start of FaZe was not as wonderful as the start of 2022; however, the team has already solved it. FaZe won the last edition of the ESL Pro League; thanks to that tournament’s victory, the team earned $1 million. Now ropz ranks among the top players who have earned the most money from CS:GO tournaments.