Ropz compares the CS2 release to CS:GO release

Ropz compares the CS2 release to CS:GO release

24. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently Robin “ropz” Koo, a player of FaZe Clan, has praised Valve for their handling of the CS2 beta; however, he observed that there is never a perfect time to launch a new game.

The Counter-Strike fan community looks forward to bidding farewell to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) at the Paris Major, just around the corner. However, let’s remember that this tournament will be the last to be played with CS:GO since, from this summer, we will all be able to enjoy the new CS2.

At the moment, many players are already testing the new version of the game so they can adapt to the changes coming in CS2. Among the players who are part of the test is ropz, who has compared the release of both titles.

Ropz analyzes the east of CS2 and compares it to CS:GO

ropz has been interviewed by the journalist Blix “TheSwedishJoker” Hugo; in this interview, the professional player analyzed the release of CS2 compared to CS:GO.

The player commented that this new game version is extremely good compared to when CS:GO was launched, which was terrible. In addition, ropz commented that he believes that Valve has done the same with CS2 as it did with CS:GO; the developer has left a large margin to introduce improvements to the game, but without a doubt, it is a great title.

However, in the interview, the ESL Pro League winner had a big unknown related to the tick rate. So ropz comments that the most controversial issue that CS2 has is its tick rate since the game uses a no-tick rate method.

On the other hand, ropz claims that he is not sure how the exact functioning of that system is; but he assures when he plays, it does not feel as amazing as when he plays CS:GO right now.

The gamer has urged Valve to either tweak the system or do a complete redesign. In any case, ropz is calm and is aware that this is just a beta and not the official game.

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The timing problem, according to ropz

Considering that CS2 is officially released during the summer, many professional players have been concerned about how their preparation for future tournaments may be affected. One of the most concerned players is Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev.

However, ropz believes it is never the perfect time to release a game due to the large number of tournaments played throughout the year.

So ropz comments that if Valve wants to release the game after the summer vacations, most professional players will not take a break. Instead, they would all be practicing on the new game.

So ropz says the game should be released, and players will find the time to practice, even if they go the whole year without a vacation.