Rockstar’s Grand Gesture: Gifting Over 600K Twitch Subs to GTA V Community

Rockstar’s Grand Gesture: Gifting Over 600K Twitch Subs to GTA V Community

18. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Rockstar Games, renowned for their impact on the gaming industry, is making waves this December 2023. Their latest initiative, a massive giveaway of over half a million Twitch subscriptions, is set to bolster their already thriving GTA V roleplay community.

Celebrating Roleplay: GTA RP Week on Twitch

In an event dubbed the GTA RP Week, from December 15th to 21st, Rockstar is not just celebrating the anticipated announcement of GTA VI but is also acknowledging the roleplay community that has significantly contributed to the success of GTA Online. This week-long event will highlight the roleplay genre on Twitch, particularly focusing on GTA V.

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Highlighting Channels and Free Subscriptions

Several roleplay streamers worldwide will have their channels featured prominently on Twitch. Viewers tuning into these channels during this period will have the chance to subscribe for free, thanks to Rockstar’s generous initiative.

Spanish Content Creators in the Spotlight

Among the beneficiaries are notable Spanish content creators like Rubius, Tanizen, and Auron. They, along with many other lucky streamers, will be at the forefront of this unique promotion, receiving a boost in subscriptions.

GTA V: A Twitch Phenomenon

GTA V’s category remains one of the most-watched on Twitch, with the game maintaining impressive popularity on the platform. It hit a peak of over 770,000 viewers in 2021 and consistently averages between 200,000 to 300,000 viewers monthly.

Rockstar’s Generous Twitch Campaign

Rockstar Games’ latest initiative reflects their commitment to nurturing and growing their gaming communities. By supporting Twitch streamers and enthusiasts alike, Rockstar is not just promoting GTA V but is also enhancing the overall gaming and viewing experience on Twitch.

As we look forward to more innovations from Rockstar, the GTA V community continues to thrive, making it a pivotal time for gamers and streamers alike.