Rockstar Announces Bully and LA Noire Coming to GTA+ Alongside Major GTA Online Update This Summer

Rockstar Announces Bully and LA Noire Coming to GTA+ Alongside Major GTA Online Update This Summer

6. April 2024 by Never

Rockstar Games has unveiled plans to add Bully and L.A. Noire to GTA+ later in 2024, expanding the offerings of the subscription service. Additionally, a significant update for GTA Online is set to arrive this summer, promising exciting new content for players.

Rockstar Games Expands GTA+ Library with Bully and LA Noire, Hinting at Further Additions

Following the recent addition of Red Dead Redemption to the GTA+ library, Rockstar Games intends to enrich the subscription service further. Bully and LA Noire, both critically acclaimed titles published by Rockstar Games, are next in line to join the roster. Rockstar hints at the possibility of more games being added in the future.


Bully: A Beloved Classic

Bully, the beloved open-world juvenile delinquent simulator developed by Rockstar Vancouver, initially launched in 2006 for PlayStation 2. While a sequel was once in development at Rockstar New England in the late 2000s, it never materialized. Recent leaks suggested the existence of Bully 2, incorporating some of its concepts into other Rockstar games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

LA Noire: A Noir Thriller

LA Noire, developed by Team Bondi and released in 2011, immerses players in the atmospheric streets of 1947 Los Angeles. Similar to Bully, fans have clamored for a sequel, although Team Bondi no longer exists.

Exciting GTA Online Update

In addition to the new game additions, Rockstar teased a “major” GTA Online update for this summer, promising fresh content and experiences for players. Furthermore, GTA+ subscribers can look forward to acquiring an additional supercar as part of their membership with this update.

GTA+ Gets Bully and LA Noire Later This Year, Rockstar Teases ‘Big’ GTA Online Update This Summer
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GTA 6 on the Horizon

Amidst these developments, anticipation for GTA 6 continues to build. Rockstar has confirmed a release sometime in 2025, leaving players eager for more details. The fate of existing GTA Online content upon the arrival of GTA 6 remains unknown, adding to the intrigue surrounding Rockstar’s future plans.

Rockstar Games Unveils Exciting Additions to GTA+ Library and GTA Online Update

Rockstar’s announcement of Bully and LA Noire joining GTA+ alongside a significant GTA Online update offers exciting prospects for fans of the franchise. With new games and content on the horizon, players can anticipate an immersive experience in the world of Rockstar Games.