Rocket Racing’s New Season: Neon Nights

Rocket Racing’s New Season: Neon Nights

10. April 2024 by Never

Rocket Racing’s Season Zero comes to an exhilarating close, paving the way for the vibrant beginning of Noches de Neón. This new season promises a spectacle of shimmering lights and thrilling races on urban circuits. However, the highlight of this season is the full release of creator tracks, allowing the community to design their own routes.

Epic City Races:

Noches de Neón introduces five new Epic tracks, each transforming a city into a dazzling stage of neon and adrenaline. From urban circuits to jungle environments, these tracks offer a variety of challenges for pilots of all skill levels.

Available tracks include:

  • Maximum Velocity: A track designed for novices, inviting pilots to slide towards the finish line while mastering drifts and shortcuts.
  • Tricity: A triple experience challenging pilots to use aerial evasion between different routes to achieve victory.
  • Vertigo Circuit: With waterfalls and free falls, this track offers an expert challenge for the most daring pilots.
  • Delirium: How well can you drive upside down through the city center? A track for experts that defies gravity.
  • Bubble Circuit: A tranquil village contrasts with the nightlife hustle, offering an advanced experience for the most experienced pilots.

Creator Tracks:

With Unreal Editor for Rocket Racing (UERR), creators now have the freedom to design their own Rocket Racing tracks. These tracks can be accessed through Rocket Racing island codes or naturally found in the new track selection rows. From temporary lanes showcasing creation possibilities to the community’s most popular tracks, the options are endless.

Rankings Reset:

With the start of Noches de Neón, all pilots’ rankings have been reset, offering an opportunity for everyone to start anew and reach new heights in the rankings.

Speed Test Expansions:

Now, all tracks created by Epic can also be played as speed tests, allowing pilots to compete for the best times on their favorite routes.

Rewards and Missions:

Noches de Neón brings new missions offering exclusive rewards, such as ethereal wheels and paint colors to customize cars. Additionally, the Fuse mission starter pack is introduced, including a variety of themed items for racing enthusiasts.

Updates and Fixes:

Several improvements, adjustments, and bug fixes have been made throughout the game, including improvements to ranking progression balance, matchmaking in ranked races, and leaderboards in speed tests.

Get Ready to Race Through the Neon Nights in Rocket Racing’s Latest Update

With Noches de Neón, Rocket Racing offers players an exciting urban racing experience, packed with action and challenges to enjoy. Keep your eyes on the track and get ready for speed in Noches de Neón!