Rocket Racing V28.10: Exciting New Tracks and Customization Features

Rocket Racing V28.10: Exciting New Tracks and Customization Features

23. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Rocket Racing, the adrenaline-fueled car game in Fortnite’s Chapter 5, has just received its first significant update. The V28.10 patch brings a fresh breath of air with new circuits, enhanced customization options, and a host of technical improvements.

What’s New in V28.10? New Advanced Circuits

  • K2 Deux Circuit: A challenging track that will test your driving skills.
  • Lago Vago 2: An advanced circuit offering a unique and exhilarating racing experience.

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Customization Upgrades

  • Drift Smoke Trails: Initially featuring the classic Fortnite style. Post V28.10, players can now equip the default version, with unlockable colors coming soon through the renewed Season Zero missions.
  • Integration with Rocket League: A cross-game property enhancement, expanding the gameplay possibilities.

Touch Control Improvements

  • Automatic Acceleration Option: For a more streamlined racing experience.
  • Enhanced Usability and Visuals: Improved buttons for acceleration, steering, air dodging, and jumping.
  • Refined Braking System: Now requiring a press-and-hold action on the brake button, with reverse gear engaging when the speedometer hits zero.

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Additional Features

  • Pre-Race Camera Movement and Rotation: Adding more dynamism to the start of each race.
  • Less Severe Car Crashes: With further improvements planned by Epic Games.
  • Inverted Turn Method: Now remains enabled when modified, aiding in control when upside-down.
  • Smoother Landings after Air Dodges
  • Overall Performance Enhancements
  • Return to Lobby for Inactive Players

A Major Leap for Rocket Racing

The V28.10 update for Rocket Racing marks a significant step forward in the game’s evolution, offering players new challenges and more ways to customize their experience. With these enhancements, the game is set to provide an even more engaging and enjoyable racing adventure.