Rocket League Season 14: Season Rush Event and Competitive Rewards

Rocket League Season 14: Season Rush Event and Competitive Rewards

22. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Rocket League Season 14 brings with it the exciting Season Rush event, offering players a prime opportunity to boost their progression and unlock exclusive rewards. Additionally, Psyonix has unveiled the competitive rewards available to players as the season draws to a close.

Season Rush Event

The Season Rush event in Rocket League Season 14 presents players with a series of challenges designed to provide substantial XP rewards. By completing these challenges, players can swiftly level up their Rocket Pass and earn coveted items such as the Biolumin decal and the Atlantis goal explosion.

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The Season Rush challenges are tailored to offer significant XP boosts, with each completed challenge granting 5000 XP. Here’s a breakdown of the available challenges:

  • Hit the ball 30 times in online matches.
  • Score a goal and win a match in an online game.
  • Earn a total of 2000 points in online matches.
  • Perform 15 clears or centers.
  • Play 3 online matches.
  • Make 5 saves or epic saves in online matches.
  • Gain 1 XP level.
  • Score 5 goals in online matches.
  • Play 2 matches in any casual mode.
  • Win 2 consecutive online matches.
  • Achieve an assist and a save in an online match.

Additionally, competitive players can take on an unlimited challenge to win 5 online matches, with each completion rewarding an XP level boost.

Event Duration

The Season Rush event is currently underway and will run until June 3rd. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your Rocket Pass progression before the season concludes.

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Competitive Rewards

As Season 14 of Rocket League approaches its conclusion, Psyonix has revealed the competitive rewards available to players based on their rank achievements.

Main Rewards by Rank

Players can unlock turbine-inspired wheels, with a unique set available for each rank category. Here’s the breakdown of rewards based on rank:

  • Bronze I or higher: “S14 – Bronze” wheels.
  • Silver I or higher: “S14 – Silver” wheels + lower tier rewards.
  • Gold I or higher: “S14 – Gold” wheels + lower tier rewards.
  • Platinum I or higher: “S14 – Platinum” wheels + lower tier rewards.
  • Diamond I or higher: “S14 – Diamond” wheels + lower tier rewards.
  • Champion I or higher: “S14 – Champion” wheels + lower tier rewards.
  • Grand Champion I: “S14 – Grand Champion” wheels + lower tier rewards.
  • Supersonic Legend: “S14 – Supersonic Legend” wheels + lower tier rewards.

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Reward Titles for High Ranks

In addition to wheels, players reaching higher ranks will also receive exclusive titles:

  • Grand Champion in Competitive mode: “S14 GRAND CHAMPION” in crimson text.
  • Grand Champion in Rumble mode: “S14 RNG CHAMP” in crimson text.
  • Grand Champion in Hoops mode: “S14 DUNK MASTER” in crimson text.
  • Grand Champion in Dropshot mode: “S14 FLOOR DESTROYER” in crimson text.

For players achieving the Supersonic Legend rank, titanium white text titles will be awarded, including:

  • Supersonic Legend in Competitive mode: “S14 SUPERSONIC LEGEND.”
  • Supersonic Legend in Rumble mode: “S14 RNGENIUS.”
  • Supersonic Legend in Hoops mode: “S14 LEGENDARY BALLER.”
  • Supersonic Legend in Dropshot mode: “S14 TILE ANNIHILATOR.”

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Obtaining Rewards

To qualify for competitive rewards, players must have completed at least ten matches in a specific category and won enough matches to maintain or increase their rank. Rewards will be distributed at the start of the next season, on June 5th at 12:00 AR/9:00 MX.


Don’t miss out on the Season Rush event in Rocket League Season 14! Accelerate your progress and compete for exclusive rewards before the season comes to a close. With challenges designed to boost XP and competitive rewards awaiting top-ranked players, now is the perfect time to elevate your Rocket League experience.

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